Friday, October 25, 2013

TGIF.....Just kidding

I slept in this morning, my kids were well behaved and we had plans to hit up a once a year consignment sale. The makings of a good day, or so I thought.

I call it the calm before the storm. Th s**t storm, that is. Figuratively and literally, unfortunately.

There are no Fridays in motherhood. In fact, hubby just went on shift so I am flying solo. So, of course this would be the opportune time for things to go awry. Right?!

I had just gotten out of the shower and was drying my hair when Jax came running in saying he needed to potty. (warning; TMI ahead!)  I left him to be and he called for help right away. He hadn't quite made it on the toilet.  In fact, he made it everywhere but the toilet and then he tried to clean it, bless his heart. That only made it worse, though. So, he was covered and the floor and the wall and the bath mat and his clothes. You get the picture. I stripped him down and put him in the shower and attempted to scrub everything up. I ran out of disinfectant wipes and resorted to spray and toilet paper. In the meantime Jax was crying that the shower was getting cold. Yes, it was. So, I hurried and cleaned up and jumped in the shower(again) with him and by this time the shower turned icy cold. Ugh...we never run out of hot water and today we did. So, we scrubbed off quickly and hopped out.

It was then I realized that all the towels were down in the dryer all the way in the basement. So, I grabbed a comforter and made do. After we were dressed I knew I needed a coffee (or four) stat! Well, no luck for me. We were out! So, I did what anyone would do. Loaded the kids up and ran through the coffee stand to order a triple americano, in my sweats, with wet hair and no make up. Yup, I am that mom today.  Toys on the floor, laundry piled high and top ramen for lunch.

Here is hoping tomorrow is better! Happy Friday!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bits and Pieces

I feel like it has been forever. I haven't been so good at keeping this blog up to date and as a result I feel like I have been missing out on your lives. I am happy to say that I am finally pretty much caught up on my blog reading (until tomorrow, of course) and it has made me realize that I have missed blogging so much. It is a nice little escape from the monotony that the day to day routines can become. Lately, by the end of the day I am so exhausted that all I want to do is curl up on the couch with a glass of cider or wine and catch up on my shows (and boy, there are a lot of them!). Honestly, I have so much I want to blog about that it overwhelms me. I need to finish my Vegas posts and recap our summer, not to mention Kendra's third birthday, and that was all months ago! Time sure is flying.

So, bare with me as I transition back into blogging and try to get caught up.

Here is just some random pieces about some of our day to day happenings around here, as of late.

Hubby has been working crazy insane hours and I feel like a single parent to three, yes, I said three kids lately! No, I didn't have another, but I have started watching a 2 year old boy four afternoons a week. Call me crazy, but having a 2, 3 and 4 year old running around hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would be. Yes, some days are hard, but for the most part it is working out really well! Kids are loving having a playmate and it's nice to make some much needed extra money and still be at home where I want to be with my kiddos.

Jax is in his second month of his second year of preschool and he is loving it! I can't believe that this time next year he will be in full day kindergarten five days a week! My momma heart can't handle that.

Bless his little heart, he said he wants to be a stay at home dad when he grows up! He said he wants to cook and clean. I told him he has plenty of opportunities to practice that now. :)

Kendra is her normal sassy independent self. I will say, though, that she gives me a run for my money. Plus, she is going through this wonderful non sleeping phase. She wakes up at least three times a night crying and wanting in to bed with me! She was always such an amazing sleeper and I don't know what happened. I can tell you that I am ready for this phase to be over. I feel like I haven't had a good night of sleep in months! Speaking of which, I think that is one of the reasons I got a migraine Wednesday and was down for the count. :( Lack of sleep and too much stress is  not a good combo.

On a plus side, I have lost ten pounds in the last thirty days! I know, I can hardly believe it! I decided it was time to get more serious and I have been very conscious about what and how much I am eating. I  am making every effort to work out at least five days a week too. I feel great and am very excited about all the progress so far. Can't wait to see more changes in the next few months. If you are on myfitness pal, find me! My username is Ashdiane1224.

And....speaking of changes. I do have some changes coming this way when it comes to the blog. I need a new design (desperately) and I am pondering the idea of a name change.

Kids and I at one of the MANY pumpkin patches we have already visited. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

No Words....

Lately, I feel as though I have no words. Okay, well, I have words, but seem to have lost the ability to put pen to paper. Or in this instance, keys to keyboard.  I don't know what it is. Maybe it's that I have SO many ideas that I have a hard time focusing in on one idea that I get overwhelmed  and instead choose to write or do nothing.

So, in an effort to get back into the swing of things and being more consistent with blogging, I am just going to start writing and whatever comes, comes.

Life has been good and full lately, but not without challenges. There have been challenges lately and some all time low moments, but still we persevere, because what else would we do?

On that note, I will leave you with some adorable pictures from a recent mini photoshoot the kiddos had done. My good friend and super talented photographer Laura took these pictures. You may know her from blogging over at Bits of Sweetness

I have many more where these came from, but beings that it literally took me days to get these to download I will save them for another time.

I hope to get back into blogging more regularly, again, but who knows, I seem to say that all the time! So, I hope all is well with you. I will be spending quite a bit of time hopping around to your blogs now.