Friday, October 25, 2013

TGIF.....Just kidding

I slept in this morning, my kids were well behaved and we had plans to hit up a once a year consignment sale. The makings of a good day, or so I thought.

I call it the calm before the storm. Th s**t storm, that is. Figuratively and literally, unfortunately.

There are no Fridays in motherhood. In fact, hubby just went on shift so I am flying solo. So, of course this would be the opportune time for things to go awry. Right?!

I had just gotten out of the shower and was drying my hair when Jax came running in saying he needed to potty. (warning; TMI ahead!)  I left him to be and he called for help right away. He hadn't quite made it on the toilet.  In fact, he made it everywhere but the toilet and then he tried to clean it, bless his heart. That only made it worse, though. So, he was covered and the floor and the wall and the bath mat and his clothes. You get the picture. I stripped him down and put him in the shower and attempted to scrub everything up. I ran out of disinfectant wipes and resorted to spray and toilet paper. In the meantime Jax was crying that the shower was getting cold. Yes, it was. So, I hurried and cleaned up and jumped in the shower(again) with him and by this time the shower turned icy cold. Ugh...we never run out of hot water and today we did. So, we scrubbed off quickly and hopped out.

It was then I realized that all the towels were down in the dryer all the way in the basement. So, I grabbed a comforter and made do. After we were dressed I knew I needed a coffee (or four) stat! Well, no luck for me. We were out! So, I did what anyone would do. Loaded the kids up and ran through the coffee stand to order a triple americano, in my sweats, with wet hair and no make up. Yup, I am that mom today.  Toys on the floor, laundry piled high and top ramen for lunch.

Here is hoping tomorrow is better! Happy Friday!


  1. Nothing so true as there are no Fridays in motherhood. I used to spend all week looking forward to Fridays. Oh well- one day they will be back.

  2. Oh the joys and stories that are generated daily. :)

  3. Oh no!!!! I've been having some "I NEED coffee" days!

  4. Oh man girl! That is a rough day! Hope the weekend got better!

  5. Some days, I swear! You deserve a medal my friend, not just a coffee. : ) Hope everything has been better since!

  6. You poor thing! I'm sure this will be a funny story to revisit eventually, but for now, I just feel for ya!

  7. ohhh man, ashley!! i'm so sorry!! i did lol at sh** storm! piper gives me many of those. :)
    i love that you grabbed a comforter...hey, you gotta do what ya gotta do, right?!
    you rock! i hope your day got only better...and that you got another three coffees after that one!