Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Weekend at The Beach, part 1

A couple of weeks ago we took a mini vacation to the peninsula here in Washington to a little town called Sequim. We had to drive an hour to the ferry and take a quick trip across the sound to Kingston where we had to drive another hour or so to reach our destination. Sequim is about 70 miles north of Forks, Washington. I know a lot of you know all about Forks! Unfortunately this time we weren't able to make the drive there. By the time we were able to check into our beach house the kids were sick of being in the car!

But, let me back up a bit here. For years my dad's side of the family has talked about taking a trip together or renting a house for a weekend away, but that is all it had been; talk. Life is busy when so many people are trying to coordinate their schedules. A few years back my dad moved to Sequim and fell in love with it (although, he isn't there now) and it turned out our family has a pretty rich history there and lots of living relatives we didn't know!

So, when the opportunity came up to rent this amazing place in a town full of our family's history we jumped at the chance!

The picture doesn't do it justice, but this places was amazing!

We had amazing views of the beach and just a little trail to take to have our own beach access!
Now, some of you are probably thinking, "but this is Washington, how warm can it be?" I am happy to report that it was a gorgeous weekend and that we have been having record high temps around here. Did you see that this past Monday we were the hottest state in the country?! It blew my mind too.

This is the life, I tell you!

We spent a lot of time at the beach!

we even went kayaking for the first time together and managed to stay alive! ;)

The kids' kayak stuck to the beach

This place was amazing! There were five bedrooms, two of which had two beds and three couches that folded out to beds. There were two kitchens and three bathrooms and as many amenities you can think of. We definitely enjoyed the hot tub and use of the kayaks. They had every possible game you can think of and a plethora of outdoor toys and games as well. We could have stayed at the house all weekend and have had enough to entertain us.

The first night there we grilled hamburgers for dinner and the second we did pulled pork sandwiches. It was so relaxing to just be with my family and spend some quality time all together. I honestly would say it has been over a decade since we have been together for this long. It made me realize how fast the years are flying and how fleeting it really is.  We vowed to make this an annual thing. You see, this weekend was special because it was something in Sequim called the Irrigation Festival. Kind of a funny name, I know, but it basically started as a celebration years ago to commemorate when three men (one being my great great grandpa) figured out how to irrigate the prairies and make the land usable. There are street fairs, performers, parades, fairs and all kinds of things. It was neat to be part of something that someone we were related to had a direct hand in.

We are already venturing on picture overload so my next post I will show you pictures of the big game farm we visited! You don't want to miss that.


  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend!! I LOVE how warm it was last weekend! Nothing beats WA in the summer! :)

  2. Wow looks beautiful and that you guys had a great time!

  3. i can't wait for the picture overload. i LOVE picture overloads! :)
    so glad you had amazing vacation with your family! the house is absolutely gorgeous! as it the location. ahhh!
    i love the photos of jaxson and kendra in the kayak...what a fun outing!! you ALWAYS make such sweet memories with your family...something i truly admire about you, ashley!
    i'm glad the weather was warmer than ever and you got to take it all in with the loves of your life. <3<3<3