Friday, August 2, 2013

Viva Las Vegas (part 3)

Our first morning in Vegas was spent sleeping in, not only because we could, but because the lady next door was coughing/vomiting so hard that I could hear her through the walls ALL.NIGHT.LONG. Seriously guys, it was ridiculous!

Anyways, I sent Brandon down to Starbucks (which, sidenote here: everything is so much more expensive! Two mochas and two pastries were close to $25.00 dollars. So much for a cheap breakfast).

While Brandon was down getting breakfast my phone rang. I checked caller ID and it was my dad. Normally he doesn't call so early and never when I am on vacation. He just doesn't. So I had a bad feeling. Unfortunately after talking to my dad my bad feeling was confirmed. My grandfather had fallen from the top of a ladder when it gave way.  He was up at their property on the river and was alone. He laid there for hours before anyone found him. He was transported two hours away to a trauma hospital and was listed in critical condition.

At this point I started bawling, not knowing what to think. My dad reassured me that although he was listed as critical due to the extent of his injuries, none of them were life threatening. I could breathe a bit easier. I asked for him to call me with an update as soon as he had one and when my grandpa woke up.

Brandon came back to the room all excited to head to the pool and found me crying in bed. I knew my grandpa would be okay, but knew he probably wouldn't be the same and it wouldn't be okay for awhile. I was feeling so bad knowing he had just laid their alone in pain.

After I calmed down some we headed to the pool and soaked up the sun pretty much all day. I kept the phone at my side at all times and by mid afternoon I had an update. My grandpa had awoke and was in a lot of pain, but the morphine was helping some. The doctor had come in and said that he had a broken pelvis, cracked ribs and cracked hips, but miraculously did not need any sort of surgery. They said he was in great shape for a man his age and that would aid in his recovery.

After spending about a week there he finally made it back up here closer to home to a rehab facility. I wish I could say that he is so much better, but he isn't. He IS improving, but it is going to be a long, hard and painful recovery and he may never regain the same movement he had before. 

Needless to say, I wasn't feeling up to any crazy shenanigans and we didn't leave the pool until that evening to attend another show and that in of itself is a whole other post.


  1. oh, ashley, i am SO SORRY!! ugh, gosh, i will be praying for your grandpa and your family. i'm so sorry that happened to him and i'm so sorry you had to get the news while on vacation. my heart just sunk for you. i'm glad to hear he didn't need surgery and so sorry that he has a tough recovery ahead. i'll be thinking about you and am always here for you. lots of love, prayers and hugs! <3<3<3

  2. Oh my gosh Ashley!! That is terrible about your poor Grandfather :( I am so sorry to read about his fall and injuries. I hope he recovers quickly with minimal lasting damage.
    That was not something you needed to hear on a getaway...I hope the rest of your time shaped up xo