Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our Summer Catch Up

Now, that we are firmly in the midst of Fall, heading toward Winter, I felt it was time to (finally) catch up on our Summer.

Aside from our trip to Vegas there was so much fun going on this Summer. I feel like it was non stop.

*be prepared for LOTS of photos

There were LOTS of park trips

DIY chalkboard from an old door

One family hike
Hot cocoa and firepits and roasted marshmallows
Our first trip to the state fair and yes, that is Kendra all.by.herself. She insisted. What a surprise. I was freaking out a little

A trip to a specialty cupcake shop! So many choices.
Beach trips to search for crabs

Bubbles and food coloring in the water table

This little sassafrass turned 3!
Special pony rides

GIANT waterslides

Reunions with best friends and kiddos
blackberry picking to be made into cobbler (by the hubby)
A trip to the zoo!

Outdoor concerts

More pony rides

face painting

petting zoo

Lots of fresh veggies in our garden

swim lessons

Ten year high school reunion

Brandon's first 5k with the kiddos
Carnival came to town

DIY chalkboard table. We are obsessed with chalkboards around here. ;)
More smores!

We had such a full summer and were very blessed with lots of amazing weather. It's hard to believe that it came and was gone in the blink of an eye.

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  1. it's crazy how quickly this summer flew by!! i love ALL your photos...i always smile at your IG pics...you give jaxson and kendra such fun-filled days and nights...they're so lucky to have you!
    it's always fun to see what you and your family are up to!
    i'm glad the summer was good to you!!!