Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Christmas Blur

Remember when I said the kids were sick? Well, they got better just in time. Just in time for hubby and I to get sick. :(

On Christmas Eve we had decided to forgo our normal plans and take another day for the kids to get more rest. Evening rolled around and hubby came down with the flu. It came on fast and furious.

So, I tried my hardest to keep the kids occupied.

We made reindeer cookies for Santas and left carrots for the reindeer.

We had cocoa and watched a Christmas movie. It would have been great had I not started feeling the waves of nausea washing over me. Luckily, I got the kids down and managed to get the presents and stockings out.

I crawled into bed hoping and praying I wouldn't be sick. At one point though I hoped I would get sick so I could get it over with. Well, I didn't have to hope for long. We have one bathroom in our house and two sick adults having to share it is not fun. I have had the flu in the past, but nothing like this, people. I slept on the bathroom floor (if you can call it that). It's a wonder all the commotion didn't wake the kids up. I finally stopped "being sick" at around 4 am and got about 4 hours of sleep until the kids woke up around 8. Hubby and I could hardly get out of bed, but we did. We put on happy faces and sat on the couch while they opened presents. It really was a magical morning because they both really understood and appreciated what was going on.  If only we had felt better.

I loved seeing their excitement and hearing them exclaim " I really wanted this, this is just what I always wanted!". 

Hubby and I knew that we were down for the count so we called in reinforcements (his mom and sister) and they took them for a few hours to enjoy Christmas with the whole family. This broke my heart. I knew I physically was unable to care for them but it made me so sad to think that I wouldn't be there to see them with their cousins and opening their presents.

After the kids left we climbed back in bed and dozed off and on for four hours. The only thing I ate was pedialyte pops and saltines. At one point we remarked that we had wanted a quiet Christmas, but not this quiet. It just never felt like Christmas.

Kids came home around naptime and hubby was feeling a bit better. I, on the other hand, was miserable. I felt like I had been hit by a truck. Body aches, chills, headache, name it, I had it. So, I stayed in bed all day. Brandon tried to contain the mess, but after four days of the flu and then Christmas our house was a disaster. I can't believe my poor babies endured what I was feeling. I feel so bad...but I am so thankful hubby and I were healthy when they were sick and vice versa. It made it easier to handle. While I hated being sick on Christmas, in a way, I am thankful that it happened then because Brandon has a busy week back at work and it would have been hard to find a replacement and I wouldn't have been able to take care of the kids alone.

We are almost back to 100% and have to venture out today because our fridge is empty!

I hope you all had great Christmas spent with your loved ones and that you got a spoiled a bit. :)

I will leave you with a few more pictures of our Christmas celebration a few days before and our trip to the lights of Christmas.


  1. ashley, i'm so so sorry you and brandon were so sick for christmas. you are such an amazing mama to be able to still get all the gifts wrapped and put a smile on your face. i'm glad you were able to get some rest and sorry you had to miss family time. so happy you're feeling better!! i hope the next few days treat you well and that you have an amazing new year!! *and birthday if i remember correctly :)
    sending lots of love
    p.s.-the photos are adorable - love the one of jaxson and his sweater and kendra with her mirror and earrings!

  2. SO sorry you were sick on Christmas!! That is no fun! But it looks like the kiddos still had fun :) Glad you are feeling better now!

  3. Oh man sweet friend, I am so sorry you were so sick. What a great mommy you are that you managed to get the presents and the stockings out...and got to watch them on Christmas morning. Man! I am so sorry you were so sick!!

    So glad you are feeling better now. Happy New Year!