Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Debut Party (and a recipe)!

As I had previously, briefly mentioned, I have joined Usborne Books and More as a consultant. I am so excited about this you guys!

I fell in love with their products last year after I had attended a home show. I tossed around the idea of signing up then, but it just didn't feel like the right time. I have since just been having fun ordering more books to add to the kids' collection. That is the thing about books...... I will always be spending money on books for my kids. This is a product that I will forever be needing.

I had kept this idea in the back of my mind and when I saw that this is the  24th anniversary of the company and they were having some great incentives for signing up, I knew it was the right time! I snagged the mini kit for just $24.00 (which the books alone are valued at over $100.00!) which came with everything I needed to get up and going.

Now, please don't think that this is a sales speech, because it isn't. Rather, I think of you all as friends and as friends you better believe you would have been invited to my open house debut last night. I was so nervous. Yes, everyone that came I knew. I love the product, which makes it easy to sell, but I was nervous about doing my little speech. I had a few little stumbles but everything went so well! I made a pretty decent commission, earned ton's of free books as rewards and booked two more parties!

I can tell this business is going to be a great fit for me. I can adjust it around my schedule, get to basically talk and have fun with friends, I get some "me" time out of the house and make some extra spending money.  On top of that, I don't ever forsee a time when I am not buying books for my children and this is a great way to get my books at a discounted price. Even if this never turns into a lucrative business I am okay with that.  I may just spend all of my earnings on the books anyways!

I tried a new dip recipe for the party and oh my! It was so good and so easy.


The above pic and link will take you to the original recipe. I changed mine up a bit by adding diced roma tomatoes and omitting the olives. The only reason I omitted the olives was because I didn't have them on hand.
It was so simple and delicious! I may have been responsible for eating half of it. Oh well!

If you want to check out my online catalog or have any questions about the products let me know!

Ashley's online Usborne Catalog


  1. that sounds (and looks) like such a great and fun company to work for! i just checked out your site and saved it to my favorites! will definitely keep it in mind for my future book purchases...thanks so much for sharing! :) it's always awesome when work doesn't feel like work! i'm so happy for you!
    and that recipe looks amazing! glad your first party was a success! xoxox
    have a relaxing sunday!

  2. That's great Ashley!! So good to hear that you are enjoying your adventure and books are so important for kids and their imaginations!!
    Glad your party went well, I know how nervous I get talking in front of people :0