Friday, March 8, 2013

This Week's Happies & Crappies

I was going to do a post of just random bits and pieces from this week but I came across a fun link up on some other blogs and thought I would join in!


- We finally got our living room done! After a few months of different furniture pieces trickling in that we had ordered and finding some accessories, I think we are done! Although, after we got the couches we said we would just get new pillows and ONE end table. Well, we ended up with a lot more than that! :)

Here is a sneak peak!

- The sun has made it's appearance! Now, given it's history it may go back into hiding soon, but whatever. We are going to enjoy it while we can!

Sunshine means bundling up and going to the park. Even though it is cold at least it isn't raining!
- I (think) I found a dress for the fireman's ball next weekend! We haven't been to anything like this and I am paranoid about being under or over dressed! Seriously, I am spending way too much time stressing about this.

So, little things like this make me happy. So pretty and so delicious!

- I finally took the plunge and signed up to be an Usborne Book Consultant and I am so excited you guys! They have the best books and great prices and I can't wait to start selling them. It is a great fit for me since I love the products and I can set my own schedule. I can work as much or as little as I want.  


-Our car is in the shop and needs SO MUCH work done. Luckily, most should be covered by our warranties but seriously?! Our car has well under 100,00 miles on it and it needs a new transmission, timing belt and radiator. If we didn't have warranties we would be looking at at least $8,000 worth of repairs and that doesn't include  the cost of the rental car we need.

- Speaking of  rental cars, I am not a fan of ours. :( I don't want to sound ungrateful but it is a very tight fit for our family and we have no way to transport our dog anywhere. Here's hoping that we get our car back sooner than expected.

- There was some sort of mystery substance on my kitchen floor today and I had to really really scrub it off. I have no idea what it was or how it got there but I am going to pretend it wasn't tracked in on my shoes, because who knows what it was!

- All of my shows were re-runs this week. :( I know it is nothing earth shattering but I love to have some "me" time at night.

What are some of your happies and crappies from this week?

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  1. Ugh about your car! Thank God for warranties! Phew!

    Enjoy your new exciting! (PS...Our blogs are twinsies.)

  2. Your new living room looks beautiful! Love the pillows and rug! I have been on a pillow buying spree! It is amazing how exciting buying pillows can be. :) glad you and your babes got to get out and enjoy the sun! Love Kendra's colorful sweater!!
    I'm so sorry to hear about your rental...I hope you get your car back soon!
    Hope you had a sweet weekend! Xoxox

  3. YAY for the living room and warm weather...and boo for car repairs!

  4. You will look stunning no matter what you wear to the ball Ashley :)
    I love your lounge room, I love the lamp and the colour scheme you have gone with too!
    It is always fun redecorating, I do it all the time (thanks Pinterest!)
    I hope the car doesn't take too long to get fixed, thank goodness it is covered by warranties, who needs a stinking bill like that!!
    As for the sticky substance, I can't remember the last time I mopped our floors :( No sticky substances to be found though which makes me wonder why my kids don't spill things? weird...

  5. I hope you post a picture of you both all dressed up! What a fun event!

    Also, I was really annoyed about my TV shows this week. I mean, I don't even watch much TV, so when I do I really want to see something new! : )