Sunday, July 14, 2013

Currently; The Jaxson Edition

Currently (Jaxson edition):

Loving: Swimming lessons. I am so happy we decided to do swimming lessons this summer. We got a great deal for starters and more importantly I have already seen such a change in the kids around the water. I hope this is something we can continue.

Eating: Anything and everything. This boy is going through a growth spurt again! He is actually starting to pass his friends in height. He has always been a little short, but now he is getting some length but he is so skinny still.

Reading: Okay, well HE isn't reading yet but we are signed up for a summer reading program through our library, and although he loves reading already, the extra incentive of crossing off minutes as he reads is great!

Looking forward to: Preschool. He talks about his class and teachers all the time. He already has planned out what he wants to bring for show and tell. He doesn't start up again until September.

Not looking forward to: Kindergarten. Only because he knows he needs more immunizations before he can go. :)

Wanting: To go to the zoo. The day we were going to go it rained so we had to postpone. That was two months ago and we still haven't made it yet.

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  1. He's a gorgeous boy Ashley! And wow, he is off to Preschool soon? I hope you guys make it to the zoo before your summer ends :)