Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Viva Las Vegas!

Now I have that song stuck in my head and I bet you do too now!

Well, last Sunday the hubby and I took off for a quick trip to Vegas. It was much needed and so fun. We flew out early on our anniversary and made it to Vegas by 9:15 am. Now, I am not a flyer and it took a lot of coaxing to get me on that plane. I knew I would have fun and knew I wanted to go, but I cried a lot. The older I have gotten the worse my fear of flying has gotten. I took a couple of children's benadryl and luckily that helped make me pretty drowsy. I *thought* about having a bloody mary on the plane, but since it was only 7 am I figured it might not be socially acceptable.

Luckily, it was a good smooth flight and an easy landing.  Upon landing and turning on my phone I did a quick check of facebook (yes, I am a social media addict) and something in my feed stopped my heart and made my stomach churn all at the same time.

There were all these posts about a 4 year old being shot and killed on our street. A 4 year old, Jaxson's age, and on our quiet little street. Our street where my babies were still supposed to be peacefully sleeping. And....the suspect was still at large; armed and dangerous. I frantically started calling my mom and step dad and got no answer. So, I sat there and continued to call over and over until someone answered. Of course my kiddos were okay, and in fact my parents had taken them to their house and were headed out of town, which meant I could breathe easier.

I then learned of who the little boy was. I didn't know this family personally but I walked by their house everyday and saw the little boy play. My heart is broken for them. The circumstances surrounding his death are still a little hazy. It was reported that it was an accidental self inflicted gun shot wound, then it was reported a homicide by the father, who fled the scene. Then, it was once again reported to be an accident and the man did eventually turn himself in.

So, after this unsettling news Brandon told me to turn my phone off and just put it away so we could enjoy ourselves. I think I will stop right here because this post is already lengthy enough as it is. We can pick up tomorrow where we left off. :)


  1. oh, ashley, that is so sad. i am so sorry. that had to be so starling for you. and the poor family of that little boy, i just can't imagine. i'm glad your babes are safe and had a great time with their grand-parents. and i'm glad you had a safe flight! can't wait to read about your trip! have a great day! xoxox

  2. Oh my goodness how scary to read that while you were away...I'm so sorry to hear about this...so sad :(

  3. Oh no! How sad! I'm so sorry your vacation started out with such sad news. I'm glad your little ones were not around when it happened! I hope the rest of your trip was better though! I'm heading to your next post now to make sure. : )

  4. That is terribly sad Ashley, poor little boy...what a tragedy :(
    And your fear of flying sounds awful, I guess you are never coming to visit me in Australia then huh? ;)