Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Ok Thursday.......

It's ok..........that I have so much that I want to tell you all but that I can not find the words right now. Hence the link up today. :)

It's ok.......... that I have not put make up on for four days in a row. I am giving my face a break and it feels pretty good!

It's ok........... to NOT feel guilty about leaving the kids with my parents this weekend so the hubby and I can celebrate our 5 year anniversary!

It's ok............ that I forgot to take hamburger out of the freezer AGAIN so we can't make meatloaf tonight. Turkey corn dogs and fries it is!

It's ok........... that I bought Kendra a cakepop yesterday after she got her very first bee sting. She was in between sobs when she told me that "no, a band aid won't make it feel better but a cake pop would!" What a master manipulator. She has learned from the best. ;) Just kidding... kind of

It's ok............ to pretty much have no said plans for this weekend with the hubby. We are going to be spontaneous and I think that is a pretty good plan too.

It's ok............. that I am having a hard time getting rid of the kid's baby things. It's like closing a door that will never be opened again and it's very bittersweet. That's a whole other blog post.

It's ok.......... that I complain when it rains but complains when it's hot!

Its Ok Thursdays


  1. Ashley, srsly, I would have died and bought her 10 cakepops!! :D How cute was THAT. Ohmyword. I'm glad you got it for her. ;)

    Happy Anniversary weekend!! Have so much fun! You deserve it!

  2. How cute that she asked for a cake pop!!! I would have died! But sad she got a bee sting!

  3. Have a great time celebrating your anniversary this weekend!

  4. Love these posts! Have a fun weekend celebrating 5 years! Also, love that the cake pop was requested...too cute!

  5. Happy 5 years-that's awesome! I do the same thing with my feels so much better after a few days without it-) Thanks for stopping by my blog-so glad you did because now I can follow your cute blog!

  6. i'm so happy to be catching up on your posts after a busy weekend!!
    yay for a weekend with the mr and a very happy anniversary to you both!!
    i LOL at kendra going for the cake pop making it all better - that is too cute and funny - love it!
    turkey corn dogs - YUM!!
    can't wait to read your next posts!
    maria <3