Monday, July 9, 2012

A Little of this and A Little of That

Well, hello! Happy Monday all!

This weekend was busy , fun, chaotic and tough all rolled into one. Saturday morning I got together with a friend to do some shopping for a bridal shower we are hosting this coming Saturday. I can not wait!

My hubby had an all day bachelor party to attend for my brother so he was gone all day. My mom and I decided to have a mother daughter "date" and went out for some yummy tacos and margaritas, frozen yogurt (this is a big deal beings that we finally have a self serve frozen yogurt place within a 30 mile radius!), and then we rented Wanderlust!

When I headed to pick up Jaxson and Kendra I took one look at Jaxson and could tell he didn't feel right. I thought he might be overtired and had a little too much sun but after checking his temp it was 103.5. Now, I know that kids can handle temps higher than we can much better but I was still concerned. After we got home and got Kendra settled into bed I gave Jax some medicine. I waited about an hour to recheck his temp and it had gone up to 104.4! I was pretty concerned at this point so I called our on call Dr. who told me I should alternate tylenol and ibuprofen (which I knew) but the only thing was we had no iburpofen and it was 11 and there were no pharmacies or stores open 24hrs with a half an hour of home. :( 

Since Brandon wasn't home and I wasn't about to load both sleeping kids into the car luckily I had my mom to call upon. Such a lifesaver! I got a full dose of the ibuprofen in him and within a few hours the fever broke and started to go down. He woke up the next morning seeming fine.

Kendra however had gotten sick in the middle of the night and I knew nothing of it. It had to be sometime in the four hours of sleep I actually got. She never cried so I never knew. :( Talk about feeling guilty.

I had planned on making a trip down to see a friend in Seattle and was conflicted about going. This would be the second time I would have to cancel and I knew it would be September before I could make it again. The kids were acting and eating normally and didn't have elevated temps so I decided to go.

I didn't have a lot of time to spend down there but we made the best of it. I got to see her new condo, her new place of employment and then we went to Pike's Place to do some eating and shopping. It was such a gorgeous day!
Here is a picture of the new Ferris wheel they just added on the pier and no, I did not go on it! Too high!

By the time I had to head back Brandon called to tell me that once again the kids had elevated temps. :(

Not sure what is going on exactly with them. They will go almost all day seeming and feeling fine and then have fevers again.

Hoping that by tomorrow they are back to normal so we can really enjoy the summer that we are FINALLY having.


  1. i'm saying big prayers that kendra and jaxon feel better tomorrow! i'm so sorry to hear they've had a rough couple days (as well as you)! you definitely made the best of it. you are supermom :)
    i'm glad you got to still visit your friend. it looks beautiful there. love that photo!
    and you KNOW i love the taco and frozen yogurt photo. mom dates are so fun!
    i hope that this week brings only health and happiness, ashley!
    sending love your way <3

  2. um hello!? those tacos look uh-mazing!
    glad you had a good weekend!

  3. Hello tacos!!! Glad your mom was there to save the day

    So sorry about the kids. I HATE the dreaded "fever virus" and how it always comes back up at night. Hoping the rest of the week brings health and NO fevers to those sweet babies!!!

  4. I'm always jealous of your tacos! They look so yummy. I hope the kids are ok!!

  5. I hope your kiddos are feeling heaps better by now Ashley!! It is not nice to see them sick and you feel so helpless. Things always happen at night, fevers rise and coughs set in, so frustrating because you are often unprepared!! Glad you got to visit your friend though and I wish we had a frozen yogurt place near us, that looks so yum!!!

  6. aw man I hope your kids are feeling better! I always end up forgetting where I placed the tylenol when Judah doesn't feel well, its because we travel so much Im always unpacking and repacking things.

  7. I hope they feel better soon...summer sickies are the worst!