Sunday, July 1, 2012

Friday's Letters On A Sunday

Dear Readers,
You guys are amazing! You left me some of the sweetest and most encouraging comments. I really took what you said to heart and followed your advice! I am happy to say I stepped out of my comfort zone and let my insecurities go (kind of :) ) and invited that mom over the very next day. I am so glad that I did. I know I don't need to be perfect, and that really no one expects that but me.

Dear Weather,
Seriously?! Rain! Still? I am so sick of the rain. We have so many fun festivities going on in our small town and you are putting a damper on it. I mean, we have missed the kiddie parade, chainsaw carving competition and the rodeo (yes, I live in a small logging town). We were supposed to be attending a first birthday today at the park and now it has been moved inside. My kids and I are craving some vitamin D from the sun!

Dear at home iced coffee attempts,
Why do I find it so hard to replicate the goodness that is Starbucks? I have been trying and trying for just the right combo of perfect iced mocha. I have yet to figure it out. Sometimes my experiments result in gagging and not even being able to drink it. Today's isn't so bad. So, if you all have a secret recipe please share it with me!

Dear new chicken salad sandwich recipe,
You blew me away! A little experimenting and "tweaking" to a recipe turned out great! I can not wait to share the super easy recipe with you guys. :)

Dear Magic Mike,
I can not wait to see you! Enough said.



  1. You always have the best recipes! Can't wait to try the new chicken salad sandwich recipe!

  2. Chicken salad sandwich sounds amazing!

  3. Kudos to you for inviting her over! I know that was a big thing for you to do! What is UP with this rain huh?! I hear it's supposed to be nice the rest of the week though!!! Hopefully!!! I am dying to try that chicken salad recipe!! The picture looked amazing!!!

  4. That is awesome you struck up the courage to ask her over, I hope you both had a lovely time together :)
    I feel for you with the rain hanging around, especially because it is supposed to be your summer :(
    Hope you have a great week regardless Ashley!!

  5. I'm so happy to hear you invited her over, you go girl! Getting out of your comfort zone can be so challenging.

    Eeek. I am sooooo over the rain too!

    You MUST go see Ted!! :)

  6. ashely, that's so so awesome you invited that mom over the next day! go you! i'm really happy for you and glad you felt good about it! <3
    yum to the iced coffee...i'm back on decaf and missing my old caffeinated friend. :) i hope you find the perfect concoction!!
    that chicken salad sandwich on instagram looked super good...i love anthing with lime and cilantro!!
    i hope that the week has been good to you! and i hope you all enjoy a wonderful fourth of july filled with fun! <3
    thinking of you and sending love!

  7. happy fourth of july to you, brandon, jaxson, and kendra!! i hope it is wonderful! <3

  8. hahaha i forgot i wished you a happy one earlier. whoops! :) well, you get 2 happy 4th wishes. :)