Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A tall, iced, double, soy, coconut mocha please?

I have seen a lot of virtual coffee dates around blogland the past six months or so and wanted to invite you to my "house" for coffee today!

Okay, so, no, you really aren't at my house, but if you were you would be greeted by my over eager dog Kona! He would most likely jump into your arms (all 80 pounds of him!) and then bring you something, anything, really. He feels he needs to always greet company bearing gifts. In the past these gifts have included the remote, a dirty diaper, my ringing cell phone, Jaxson's shoes and numerous kids toys and stuffed animals. Once you get past the gatekeeper you will be greeted by my chattering children and the sound of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the t.v. Jaxson would likely pull you into his room and show off all of his toys and books.

Once they settled down a bit then I would offer you some coffee or green tea. My espresso machine is still out of commission so it would be the good ole french press, which now seems to be my preferred method of brewing at home. I like a splash of coconut milk or vanilla almond milk and a bit of chocolate. :)

Between playing referee and breaking up my kids fights here and there, we would (hopefully) get a chance to talk and catch up. I would tell you that my first day of work went great and I met a lot of very genuine, nice and friendly people. This definitely seems like the type of atmosphere I want to work in. I would also tell you though, that I struggle with change. Although I know that the change that will come of this will be's still change, and I am going to need time to adjust and cope with that.  I have had four years nearly of being home and now it's just different knowing that my time isn't all "my own" anymore and that I am accountable to someone else.

I would tell you that the next three weeks are going to be a bit crazy around these parts. I am trying to adjust to the new job and schedule and getting ready to take off for Vegas for a few days and then when I get back I am in a friend's wedding and then the very next day is Kendra's birthday party. I have barely just begun to plan for it! No invites have been sent out and probably won't. Just be word of mouth and text messages! Agh! I would tell you that I feel a bit guilty that I had so much time to put into Jaxson's party and now I am afraid Kendra's won't measure up. I know she isn't going to know the difference, but I will. Que the mommy guilt. I can tell you that you may not see or hear from me much the next few weeks because of all the festivities, but hope to be back more consistently come September.

Last , but certainly not least, I would ask that you pray or think positive thoughts for someone I know who is battling a rare form of late stage four cancer. She has a brand new baby at home and a lot of life ahead of her. I just ask that you keep her close in your thoughts.

I would ask you what's new in your life and apologize for chattering on so much!!


  1. Praying for you sweet friend, as you go through this new phase of life. I am with you about the change, and I will pray extra hard for you to adjust to it and for it to all work out for good. :)

    Also praying for your sweet friend.

    I know the bday party will be great. Can't wait to hear about it!

  2. Oh Ashley, I will be praying for your dear friend and her family so so much. *big hugs*
    I am so glad to hear that work is going well and that you enjoy the atmosphere and people you're working with! I am sure as each week passes, you will grow more and more into your routine! I will continue to think happy thoughts and send prayers! :)
    You sound like a busy bee this month. August has been kinda the same for us. I love it but am also looking forward to the fall and things slowing down too.
    I can't wait to hear read about Vegas with your gfs! And I know Kendra's party will be wonderful no matter what!!
    Wishing you a happy weekend and some relaxation!

  3. Oh I loved this post!! What an awesome idea (may have to steal it lol)
    I am heartbroken for your sweet friend, I cannot imagine what she is going through right now when it should be the happiest time of her life having a new baby at home :( I hope the absolute best for her (if I prayed, then I would).
    I would love to visit you for coffee, we would have a good ole chat and you would introduce me to cocnut milk in my coffee :)
    Try not to be so guilty about Kendra's party, make next year the year you put a lot more time and effort into it. This year, just enjoy her xoxo