Friday, August 31, 2012

Kendra's Candy Themed 2nd Birthday Party

Well, I am a little bit late in doing so, but I thought I would share with you some highlights of little miss' birthday party. I have to say I am quite pleased with how it all came together. I had a few mishaps with some of the decor and a last minute trip to the party store, but all in all I would call it a success.

This girl sure knows how to accessorize. :)

Originally when planning her party I wanted to do a Rapunzel theme because Kendra's favorite movie is Tangled. However, when I came across some fun decorations and pins on Pinterest I quickly changed my mind. This was just an easier theme. :)

These large suckers are the things that gave me more trouble than anything! The pink lanterns in the tree were leftover from the wedding the evening before and we were able to take some home and use them.

The white bouquet was mine from the wedding and the pink were leftover from centerpieces.
What's a girl to do? So many choices

Blowing out her candles. :)

Sadly, she was much more interested in playing than opening her presents. :)

We are so blessed to be surrounded with so much family and so many friends who are all so generous. We couldn't have asked for better company or better weather! Jaxson has already started his birthday planning......for April. :)


  1. Looks like such a blast!! Her outfit was so adorable!!

    And I love the decor!! I want to eat all that candy!!

    Also love how she is getting in the play house!!

  2. Hahah ohh Jaxson! She was so adorable! The theme fit her perfectly!

  3. Everything looks so cute! I love her little outfit!

  4. Everything is just adorable!! Love the big lollipops!!

  5. That looks so cute!! This year we're just doing a family party for Lyla but I'm gonna keep this in mind for next year!

  6. I love the theme you went with Ashley, so cute and very fitting for a gorgeous little princess!! I love her outfit, so very adorable and I never realised she was only 5 months older than Liam :)
    Glad you all had a beautiful day xoxo

  7. Oh my this is the most adorable birthday party!

  8. What an AWESOME party!! You did such a great job!!! I love it all so much!!

  9. happy birthday to kendra!! you did such a wonderful job with her party!! i LOVE her cake - it is so cute and looks so good! and i love the candy bar - yum!
    she is a doll in her tutu and cute shoes! what a wonderful day!
    i hope your weekend was great and things are going well!! <3<3<3