Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Ok............


I have gotten more accomplished this morning by 8:00 am then I did ALL last weekend!

I am the mom who occasionally "borrows" money from my kids' piggy banks to buy myself a treat. hehe... they get all my money in some form or another anyways.

I am so horribly disorganized lately! I feel like I need to seriously re-do everything I have already done.

I am NOT going to the midnight show of Breaking Dawn. I have for the last three movies and let's be honest, I am getting a little too old for it. As in, I can't function on that little of sleep. I will however be rockin that 7 pm showing on Friday! Whoop Whoop!

I think of our FIRST ever vacation away from the kids almost everyday. I am filled with excitement and lots of nerves. Even though it is only four days that is the longest we have ever been away together. The kids have always had one of us with them when the other has been gone for an extended period of time. We really need some time for ourselves, though. Can't wait!

Everyday I tell myself I will cut my caffeine intake in half and then consume the same amount, if not more!

I am so behind where I wanted to be Christmas shopping wise. We just haven't had the time to go do it.

I have been struggling trying to find the right words when posting. I have written and re written the same posts over and over but hesitate to hit publish. Bear with me while I try to sort some things out.

Its Ok Thursdays


  1. Hey Ashley! I am not doing the midnight screening either lol, I think I am going to have trouble with the 9pm screening that I am going to tonight haha!
    I hope things are going well for you, don't worry about wording things right, we love you anyway and your blog is your outlet :)
    I bet you are so excited yet anxious for your getaway, I understand your feelings though. It's hard the first few times...but you'll have fun trust me! Hope you have a great weekend my friend xoxox

  2. I kinda love those days when you get so much accomplished before the morning really even begins. I had one of those too...where I was like, wait...I just did more in these few hrs than I did all week last week. ;)
    I hope you have so much fun @ the movie!! And your getaway with Brandon will be amazing! I'm sure the both of you can't wait to spend that time together!
    And ahhh, caffeine...I miss it sometimes! Decaf isn't quite the same. Lol.
    Wishing you a sweet night!

  3. Oh my goodness, you guys DESERVE this vacation! Hope it's amazing!

  4. hahahaha, Ashley, my favorite part: I'm too old, as in I can't function on that little amount of sleep. Umm, YES!! ME too!!! LOL I can't do all nighters anymore, those days are gone!