Friday, November 30, 2012

The Soundtrack of My Day

I thought I would give you another glimpse into our days via conversations heard throughout the day.

My voice is in italics. Jaxson's is bold and Kendra's is regular text.


"I want you to get up. I'm awake and so is the sun, it's not time for sleeping"

"Okay. Okay, Jax.... Wait, why is my sheet wet?"

"Oops, I peed through my pull up (again)"

"Mom... I up! I up! I want out!"

"Mom, sissy's up, sissy's up, Let's go get her"

"Hi Princess... did you sleep good?"

"Hi Princess"

"Momma,  I woke up. I need puppy and blankie and other blankie and pink puppy"

"Sissy, let's snuggle on the couch and watch princess Sofia"

"Jax....don't! That's my blankie. I don't snuggle. Stop taking puppy!"

"You guys! Jaxson don't touch her. She just woke up and is still tired. Don't take her blanket...go get your own. Kendra you don't need to yell. Ask him nicely. He just wants to snuggle you."

"I'm hungry. I want breakfast"   "I don't want to eat. I want to watch princess fia!"

"Don't eat your cheerios with your finger, use your spoon." 
"No, don't feed Kona your apples" "Please don't stick your whole hand in your milk"

"Clear your plates and wash your hands in the bathroom sink"

"Mom I want to do the map puzzle with you"  "Okay, let's all do it together"

"I wanna do the horsey puzzle with the castle and princess" "No, we are doing the map puzzle!"

"We can do both. We will do one and then the other and we can all help each other"

"Mom, I'm hungry again. Can I have fruitsnacks?"  "Can I have an orange?" "Can I have an apple?" "Can I have a banana?"

"Okay, time for nap Sissy. Get your blankies and puppy."

"Momma...snuggle me up please. Sing me one more song" "One more song" "One more song"

"I wanna wake up sissy"    "I think sissy is awake, I will go check"  "No, she is still sleeping, please do NOT wake her up." "But mom........I am bored!"

"Daddy is home!"    "Hi daddy. I missed you. Come tackle me. I already have my football."

"Arr..... I tackle too!!"

"Okay, time for baths!"

"Time for snack and bedtime story"

" I don't want you to brush my teeth. I want DADDY to do it. I want Daddy to change me."
"Now I want mommy to snuggle me in and sing to me"

"Goodnight Kendra, love you" 

"Love you so much momma" "Love you momma!" " I wake up in the morning and we do girlie stuff together?" " Momma, I still awake, come snuggle me in again" "Can I have one more song?!"

"Mom, can we snuggle on the couch together?" "Just for a little bit"

Sounds of snoring....

"Phew...finally! Me time!"


  1. Omygosh, this made me smile!!! I felt like I was there! Lol!! I hope you are relaxing with a nice glass or three of wine and watching some LMN or something good! :) Have a wonderful weekend, Ashley! Xoxox

  2. Hi Ashley! I think this is wonderful that you have captured all of this because it will be so much fun to look back on in years to come and remember their little voices saying all of these things :)
    Such a great idea for a post and darling kids xo

  3. I *love* this post. I absolutely need to do this one of these days!!

  4. Oh my word. HAHAHA! This is so sweet, and yet sounds so exhausting! : )