Thursday, April 4, 2013

Never Have I ever.....

Okay, I know I have been a bit absent, as of late (doesn't that seem to be a theme, lately?) but I couldn't resist partaking in this link up because I loved this game! It was a frequent late night slumber party game in high school and then later, a late night drinking game. You know the one right, I say "never have I ever...... fill in the blank" and if you have then you take a drink.

So, let's get down to it!

Never have I ever.......been able to sit through the entire movie the Exorcist. I love scary movies, but this one bothers me.

Never have I ever........ drank gin without spitting it back out. Yuck. It tastes like pine needles.

Never have I ever.........been skydiving or scuba diving. No thank you!

Never have I ever........ sung karaoke in a bar, but I want to!

Never have I ever........ been to a blogger meet-up! Where are all of you pacific northwest bloggers?!

Never have I ever........not cried when watching Titanic, The Blindside and Up Close and Personal. Every.single.time!

Never have I ever....... washed my car myself. That's what the hubby is for, right? ;)

Never have I ever......changed a flat tire. That's what Les Schwab is for, right?

Never have I ever.......made homemade lasagna!   Hope to rectify that this month.

Never have I ever.......ran a marathon.

Never have I ever......been to a hockey game!

So, how many drinks would you have had to take?! Never Have I Ever


  1. we just watched the blind side again and i bawled my eyes out...such a great movie. i have never washed my car myself either and eeks, if i had to change a tire, it wouldn't be pretty!
    i hope you're having a wonderful week, ashley! ty so much for your well wishes. xoxox

  2. Two drinks!! I have made Lasagne and I have sung Karaoke in a bar lol
    Otherwise we have a lot in common ;)

  3. Three drinks! I love gin, I've made lasagna loads of time, and I love hockey games! Don't get many of those here in Africa though, and I miss them! Love your blog!

  4. I'd be on my butt drunk! 7!!!! lol.

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