Sunday, February 12, 2012


While perusing through the way too many photos I have stored on my phone, I came across some Christmas pictures I realized I never shared. It doesn't surprise me because let's face it, I slack in that department. I may take a lot of photos, I just don't DO a lot with them! My children's baby books are full of empty pages too.

Here is what awaited the kids on Christmas morning! Santa may have gone a LITTLE overboard this year. :)
Lights of Christmas at a nearby Christian camp. This place is beautiful. they decorate with over a million lights. It is breathtaking! 

I love the mountain made from lights!
My veggie tree! I had fun with this!
My favorite snowmen


  1. ohhh, that veggie tree is such a cute idea...i love it!
    i love finding old photos! i have a goal to get all new pics in frames around the house. i tend to keep the same ones out for too long!

    the lights are beautiful...we have a place near us that is similar and it is so pretty at night. you two make cute snowmen <3

    hope you're having a sweet weekend!!
    maria <3

  2. That veggie tree is so cute!!! I'm going to have to borrow that idea next year. :) And don't worry, I have pictures on my phone from 2 christmases ago! Maybe this will be my motivation to get those uploaded to the computer! Thanks!