Friday, February 17, 2012

What If?

Do you ever have those moments or even those days where you wonder what if?

While cleaning out my closet yesterday I came across a book of poetry/journal from my middle school and high school days. Wow! Let me just say I really poured out every emotion in that thing, and boy, did I think I was in LOVE way too many times!

With that said, though, it got me wondering What If?
What if that boy I had been pining over noticed me? What if that ex-boyfriend who I was so sure was the one I was gonna marry had not broken up with me?

What if I had kept that same group of (toxic) friends that hurt me? What if I had stayed at college when I had gone?

There are a lot of what ifs in life. In fact, I could waste a lot of time thinking about these things. However, I don't regret any thing in my life..... everything happens for a reason. I truly believe that.  I don't dwell on things from the past and wish for something else. I am exactly where I need to be. If any of those things had happened the way I wished they had, then I wouldn't be where I am today. Maybe my life didn't turn out how I had "planned" but that is the beauty of it...... it turned out exactly how it was supposed to!


  1. Love it!!!! Beautiful, last line was awesome :)

  2. That is so interesting when you find old journals. I have those too and sometimes it feels like I'm reading about someone else back then.

  3. amen to that, ashley!!
    not to get all country song on you, but this reminds me of the song "unanswered prayers."
    gosh, how many times i think to myself/thank my lucky stars that all my old prayers didn't get answered. and instead, i was led to the place i'm meant to be :)

    i loved this post and i know so many of us can relate to this! thank you so much for sharing <3

    and thank you for all your sweet words!