Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our "Jungle" Expedition

The last week has given us quite a few chances to get outside and soak up some sun. Since we are talking about the Pacific Northwest here, we don't get a lot of sunny days during February (or at all... hahaha). We decided to take full advantage and visit a number of parks nearby.

Jaxson is very in to jungles right now. We decided to head to a local national park that has lots of walking trails, open fields and creeks. Jaxson was convinced that we were about to enter a jungle. We chose him as our fearless expedition leader.
He took his role as leader very seriously; pointing which direction to go.

He told us to be on the look out for crocodiles when we came to the creek(such a great imagination)!
Much to his disappointment, there weren't any!

When we came up a hill there was a man and his brown dog in the distance. Jaxson became very still and informed us to be quiet, because he was certain it was a grizzly bear.  We assured him it was just a dog, but he was not convinced. When we finally got close enough for him to realize it was a dog he was a little saddened by this fact, I however, was not! :)

As far as I am concerned, Kendra had the best seat in the house! She didn't agree and kept yelling "OUT"
We had great time soaking up some much needed vitamin D. Now, it's back to gray skies and rain! :(

Oh, and no trip is complete with out dirty knees and some rock climbing!!


  1. What a cute explorer!! That is SO cute about the grizzly bear! LOL That area is one of our favorite trails too! I didn't know about all of it until just recently! You've been tagged :)

  2. ashley, you have such a beautiful family!!
    this post made me smiles as well as your photos! kendra and jaxson are just too cute! i love his little jacket.
    sounds like you had a fun adventure together!!
    i hope your weekend is off to a nice start <3
    watch out for those big grizzly bears ;)


  3. Everyone looks like they had a great time! I am so jealous of your weather - its about 20 degrees here in Colorado, brrrr!

  4. What a great imagination! :) So cute!