Sunday, June 10, 2012

Let's Catch Up!

I have been a bit absent around here lately but it is for good reason.

We have had such a busy week. Three birthdays, two graduations, play dates, play group, our last MOPS meeting of the year , the 2012 Relay For Life and a few BBQ's are on the schedule for today.

Although, these are all such wonderful things that we enjoy doing I am feeling spread a bit thin. I am looking forward to next week and catching up on some much needed housework. :)

Here are some pictures from our last few days.

We had a bouncy house set up at playgroup and Surprise Surprise... Jax was very nervous and didn't want to go in and Kendra climbed right in and started bouncing! There were so few kids that us mommas got in too. Boy, that can be a work out!

Kona was feeling extra cuddly this weekend!

Jaxson has been extra sleepy...... I am thinking he is going through another growth spurt. He really needs new shoes and pants because he is getting too big for his.

Saturday marked the annual American Cancer Society Relay For Life. Brandon's family has volunteered the last ten or so years filling the luminary bags, lining the tracks and then lighting them at night. It is such a wonderful experience to be part of such an extraordinary event. This year Brandon even walked on a team too.

The kids were big helpers too!

I hope your week has been as full and blessed as ours. :)


  1. ashley, i'm so glad you had a wonderful week and weekend with your family!!
    relay for life looked like fun!! we have one at my old high school every year. it's amazing how many people stay through the night and walk and run their butt's off!

    kenda is a doll! all of your photos of her on instagram always make me smile so big. she looks like a bundle of fun. i just want to hug her! and jaxon is just as sweet...he looks so peaceful sleeping. you've got yourself one beautiful family!

    i hope this week brings you only happiness and peace.
    lots of love <3

  2. Awesome pictures! Looks like you have had some great reasons to be absent around here!!! :)

    I absolutely love that last picture of your babies!

    Have a great Monday!

  3. found you through the Floyd boys- what a cute blog you have!
    love, love, LOVE the picture of your kiddos in the wheelbarrow. precious!

  4. Such a busy week for you Ashley! But lots of fun by the sounds of it :)
    I adore that pic of your dog!!

  5. Looks like a lovely week! p.s. Kona is adorable :)