Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Things They Say

We all know how funny kids can be and mine are no exception.

I love to keep track of the new and funny things that they have said. I thought I would share with you.


While we were in the car a few weeks ago he kept asking questions and something came up about dirt. I said "What is your question, Jax?" He said, " Well, the question is what question should I be asking mom?" Huh?! I didn't know how to answer that so I distracted him by pointing out the cows in the field.

Have you all seen the Honda Pilot commercial where the family is in the car and they all start simultaneously humming and making the sounds to the song Crazy Train? Well, Jaxson and Kendra can do the intro perfectly! While I find it quite hilarious it also may mean we watch a bit too much TV. Shh.... don't tell!

According to Jaxson linoleum floors are comfy and carpet is too bumpy. Not sure how that logic fits in.

He was making a pretend school bus with blocks and his little chairs when he looked up to me in a very serious voice and said " Probably I have a good idea" I hesitantly said "what?"  He said, " Let's take all the wheels off your car and roll them inside so we can put them on my bus!". While it was creative I had to veto that idea right away. ;)

We made dirtcups the other day and while putting the gummy worms in he kept calling them snakes. Now, he likes to tell people he eats snakes.

He also has a bit of a speech issue and his st sounds like a D sound sometimes. Imagine being in a restaurant when he sees a big stick and shouts out "look at that big stick!" but instead it sounds like look at that big d**k! Ughh!!!

Tonight, while identifying all the green objects in the room he got a funny look on his face and said, "poopy is green". Why, yes it is Jax, and thanks for that observation.


This little lady has been talking up a storm lately. So much more than I remember Jax doing at this age. She can repeat almost anything and is identifying the colors pink, blue and purple. She is using complete sentences now and it is so adorable (most of the time).

She calls Chuck E. Cheese cottage cheese and I can not convince her otherwise.

She climbed into my bed the other day and covered up and then proceeded to say that her daddy needed to bring her coffee in bed! Umm... pretty sure she has maybe seen him once or twice bring me espresso in bed! We have a little high maintenance girl on our hands (her, not me ;) ).

Also, she came running in to wake me up one morning and jumped on me and said "It's Christmas time!". I still don't know where that came from.

In the midst of a tantrum the other evening she told me to go away. I was a bit shocked because she has never said anything like this at all to me. I told her it wasn't nice and she needed to speak to me using her manners. After thinking that through she said, "Go away momma..... please". I couldn't help but laugh.

Kendra's favorite thing to say to animals and people now is "aww..... you so cute!". It cracks me up because she scrunches up her face and uses baby talk.

She was playing with her baby and stopped and held the backside up to her nose and said "Oh, stinky butt". She then pretended to change it's diaper.

I could probably go on and on but I won't . I sure am never without some form of entertainment, between the two of them. :)


  1. These are so cute! I love that you took the tme to remember them!

  2. Oh man these are so cute, what adorable kiddos you have; loved this post!!
    I nearly choked on my food when I read what Jaxson yelled out at the restaurant and how smart is your little girl saying please whilst requesting that you go away hahaha too funny. All of these were incredibly cute!!

  3. About a year ago I started doing a post like this with funny things Lyla says, I should totally start it again. Jaxon and Kendra are funny!

  4. Ha ha I always wonder where they get this stuff! Too cute!

  5. Cottage cheese! That's my favorite. So so cute! :)

    I just love hearing little one's talk, it's always so cute

  6. omygosh, i laughed out loud at jaxson's "stick" comment. omygoodness, ashley!!! lol
    these made me smile so much! i love that he wanted you to bring your tires in the house...what an imagination!

    and kendra is too cute! go away momma...please." isn't it crazy how much kids can talk like adults? i was just at my friend's house and her daughter came home from camp and said, "hi mimi, before anything, i gotta go upstairs and put on some lipgloss." and she's 4 :) lol

    thanks for the smiles and thanks for your sweet friendship <3
    have a relaxing night!

  7. These are too cute and I love that you wrote them down. So fun to look back on!

  8. Haha! These are precious. You'll love having this to look back on as they get older.