Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our Trip To The Pony Farm

A local pony farm opens up their grounds once in year in June to the community and offers all sorts of fun, free activities. Last year it was quite crowded but totally worth it. We went today anticipating it to be the same and were pleasantly surprised. Plenty of people were there but just the right amount that lines weren't long at all. That is great when you have two antsy toddlers to contend with.

All week we had been talking about going and Jaxson said he wouldn't be riding a pony because he was too little and too scared. He wouldn't last year, either. I figured if he saw his little sissy doing it then he would give it a go. Nope, not the case. He waited outside the fencing with daddy and waved Kendra on.

I knew from the get go that she would hop right on (all week she kept saying ," I ride pony") and that she did. She was entranced the whole time and she even yelled out "I 'm a cowboy!". hehe it was so cute. Everything was all great until it was time to get off of MoonBeam. Kendra had a meltdown. She kept clutching the reins and sobbing. She didn't want her turn to be over.

She kept screaming, "I ride!" over and over. We had to pacify her with another trip to the grooming station where they could learn how to groom a horse and even give it a try.

She was a little natural.

Jaxson actually got in there and gave it a try too. I was so proud of him. He is more like me and naturally more cautious of things, whereas Kendra is like her daddy and just goes for it!

Practicing on the saddle, before the ride.

They even had a campfire where we roasted marshmallows.  Kendra was clearly enjoying hers.

Jaxson was a little hard to catch to take photos. He was all over the place. Between the ponies, the huge pond full of ducks and geese, and the covered wagons he was having a great time.


  1. awww, kenda is a little pro "cowboy" and looks like she's having so much fun! love the photos. they're so sweet grooming the pony!! :) glad jaxson had some fun with it too!
    it's so neat how you can see traits from you and brandon in both of them.
    i hope the rest of your weekend continues to be sweet <3
    lots of love, ashley!

  2. They looked like they had a wonderful time! And look at your big girl on the pony!

  3. What a cute family and blog! Found you through the blog hop!

  4. My goodness that looks like such a fun time!! Those pictures are absolutely amazing!