Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The A to Z of Me

So, I have seen this post floating around blog land and stole the idea from Courtney at Lil Noodle Bug. 

Age: 26, will be 27 on New Year's!

Bed size: California King! I need lots of space when I sleep.

Chore that you hate: All of them! haha... I hate putting away laundry.

Dogs: Love Dogs! we have a Labradoodle named Kona.

Essential start to your day: Lately it has been a coconut chai tea latte

Favorite color: Pink if I had to choose just one

Gold or Silver: White gold?

Height: 5 feet

Instruments you play: none... really want to learn to play piano, though.

Job title: Domestic goddess!

Kids: 2.... Jaxson and Kendra. Would like to add a third into the mix but I don't think it is in the cards. :(

Live: The good ole Pacific Northwest... Washington to be exact.

Mother’s name: Sheryl

Nicknames: Ash

Overnight hospital stays: When I had both my babies

Pet peeves: oh my goodness.... I have a lot of pet peeves. I hate when people smack their gum and when they chew with their mouths open.

Quote from a movie: " Samsonite! We were way off!" (from Dumb and Dumber)

Right or left handed: Right

Siblings:One older brother and three younger step brothers

Underwear: I wear them and that is about all I am going to say on the subject. :)

Vegetable you hate: beets

What makes you run late: My kids.... I used to pride myself on being on time but the one thing that sets me behind schedule is the kiddos

X-Rays you’ve had: chest x rays. I get pneumonia and bronchitis alot!

Yummy food that you make: Chicken and Dumplings. pork roast, and chili.

Zoo animal: I love the giraffes and the monkeys!

I would love to see your answers to these questions!


  1. I love the monkeys at the zoo the best too :)

  2. Loved getting to know you better! Just found your blog & love it!!

  3. ashley, this was so fun!!
    now i want a coconut chai tea!
    awww you're a new year's baby!! how awesome!
    i love your quote...samsonite. hahaha
    steve and i watch that movie all the time. "swammy, swommy, swimmy...SAMSONITE!" there's too many awesome quotes to mention.
    i hope you're having a great week!
    lots of love!
    maria <3