Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Wish List

Ten things I want for Christmas

Let me just say that this was kind of hard to come up with ten things.... the older I get the more my list becomes about things I need and not necessarily "want". So, this list is a mixture of both.

  1. I want/need a new computer. I am currently hijacking my mom's. 
  2. A kindle fire ( I had a kindle... but I dropped it in the bath... enough said)
  3. Camera... that too is broken. I don't seem to have much luck with electronics.
  4. Espresso machine.... I need to learn to make it at home and save my self the money that I spend at Starbucks!
  5. Socks.... sounds silly I know.... but I love getting socks in my stocking!
  6. Massage, pedi or mani..... anything where I can get pampered a bit
  7. A personal trainer( I can dream right)
  8.  Brown slouchy boots
  9.  Pre-paid date nights with the hubby, babysitter included. :)
  10. Earrings
 Looking back over my list I realize a lot of it is kind of spendy...... oh well, they don't call it a "wish" list for nothing!


    1. Sounds like a perfect list! I especially loved number 6 & 9 :D

    2. What a fantastic list. Don't we all want our own personal trainer!

    3. I like your wish list! Especially number 9!

    4. Looks like a good list to me! Things every woman would enjoy!

    5. sounds like a good list to me =)

      new follower from MBC would love a follow back

    6. I'm so sorry the kindle took a bath! I can't tell you how many times I've dropped my phone in the tub! Eeks! Lol. If Steve knew...
      I've revived it plenty of times but I doubt it has many more baths left in it.
      I love your list! Ahh pre-paid date nights. I love that. Giftcards are great!!
      I hope all your wishes come true, Ashley!
      Hope your weekend was fantastic!

    7. LOl! I want or need almost all of the same things...except for the computer! Hope you get a few!