Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Lately I have been struggling...... struggling with balance and with my patience. I want to keep it real on my blog and felt like sharing this with you. I know that I am not the only one that gets overwhelmed at this time of year. Let me just say that I love the holidays and always look forward to them. There are so many wonderful, fun things to do and so much time is spent with families.

On the flip side, I feel like I am being pulled into a  million different directions. Not by any one in particular, except for maybe me. I am a people pleaser and want to make everyone happy. So, it is hard to say no sometimes. I love my family very much . Brandon and I both come from divorced homes and our parents have all remarried, which has been the most wonderful thing because our family has expanded in ways we never dreamed. However, we literally have 5 places to be on Christmas Day. That is tough.....on us and the kids. Let me emphasize the fact that no one has pressured us to be anywhere at any time and the choices are always left to us. This is where it gets tricky. We don't want to have to choose. We want to be with everyone! That is what makes it so hard. Now, I don't want to sound like I am complaining because as I have said before, we are so very fortunate that we have such loving, close families.
 I only just want to convey that I feel a bit frazzled and extra overwhelmed right now. Eventually, things will change and traditions will shift a bit, but for now we will be going from place to place..... and I really wouldn't have it any other way.... except for maybe there being more hours in the day.


  1. Don't forget to start your own traditions and maybe others can visit you :)
    Merry Christmas! I hope you manage to relax and enjoy xo

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Im following you now too :)

    I know what you mean about being overwhelmed, I often feel the same way. Being a mom is a tougher job than you know before you actually do the job! During the holidays I feel like my patience wears a little thin, especially with the added pressure of pleasing everyone including extended family and friends. I agree with Kerry that you should concentrate on making your own traditions. I have really enjoyed doing that over the years as my family has grown into the craziness it is now!

    Good luck! Happy Holidays!

  3. aww, ashley...you have such a huge heart. it's wonderful you have so many loved ones in your life. i know what you mean about feeling like you should even though you know you don't have to. you're certainly right!! there needs to be 48 hrs in a day-i always say. i hope you have a fabulous christmas no matter what you choose!! :) you deserve it!!!
    maria <3

  4. Hi Just started reading your blog. I don't comment often on any blog, but I feel like I would have to agree with previous posters. Please give yourself permission to say ,"We love you all, but we are starting our own tradition. We are staying home as a family on Christmas Day." And don't feel bad! Christmas comes and goes so quickly as it is. We always stay home as a family on Christmas day. The kids even stay in their new Christmas jammies all day! We relax, play, eat, and enjoy. I think it is a gift we give our children. Forgive me for seeming bossy! I just have strong feelings about this! Merry Christmas!

  5. Oh my gosh! I feel like this so much! I am terrible at dealing with over whelming situations and can no longer count how many times I have lashed out at my awesome husband for no reason other then he was just there. You are definatly not alone in this! The holidays and shorter days do make it harder, but I find keeping busy with things that I like to do, like paint or go for a photo walk on my own make life a little easier.

    Hope you have a good christmas!!

    xoxo Amber

  6. Wow can I relate... This year we decided that we weren't going to visit anyone, but have Christmas at home. The door was wide open, but the stress of visiting 4 different homes was making us really despise Christmas. We made it to my family Thanksgiving, and then his the week before. They completely understood and Christmas was so relaxed this year.