Friday, December 30, 2011

My favorite posts from 2011

Since, I haven't been blogging too long I thought I would share some of my favorite posts from the last few months (in no particular order). I have come to love blogging far more than I ever thought I would and I am so thankful for all the amazing followers (that's you!) that I have gained along the way. I can not wait to see what 2012 brings for me.

I see Me in Them

Ending Friendships

What I wore Wednesday... My first ever

Reading a book to you

Top Ten Reasons You Know You Shop at Target too Much

One of My Greatest Blessings that Almost Wasn't

Guest Post From My Hubby

1 comment:

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE!! and happy almost birthday to you!
    i'm so happy we "met" through blogging! i hope this new years brings many blessings and love to you and your family!
    whatever you do tonight and this weekend, i hope you have a blast!!

    "i see me in them" was one of my favorites. and your target post was one of the first i read of yours :)

    lots of love <3