Sunday, December 11, 2011

A little of this and a little of that!

Earlier this week we visited yet another festival of trees and I forgot to post the pictures! I just love this time of year! It is even more magical to me now that I have children and I get to experience things all over again like it is the first time. There is nothing better to me than seeing their eyes light up and their faces gazing in wonder. Priceless.

A local nursery fills their buildings with fun themed trees and you can shop from them. I have found some of the most unique ornaments there. I try to get one or two a year but sadly this year in my hurry to get out with a screaming child I forgot!

love the purple and pink!

How cute is that?!
I love the idea of quotes in the tree!

My husband thinks this should be our theme next year! I think not.
The kids' great grandma came along for the fun!
Normally we plan our trip here when Santa is visiting. The do pictures by donation and all the proceeds benefit local animal shelters, which I love. This year we have decided to forgo Santa pictures. Jaxson won't go anywhere near him and Kendra screams bloody murder. Not worth waiting in the line, if you ask me!
Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!


  1. We have friends who decorated their tree with beers cans - no lie!

  2. wow! so many different trees! I'm a new follower to your blog, I can't wait to read more

  3. more awesome trees!! that pink and purple one is so pretty! and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the quote one! i want that :)
    kendra and jaxon are adorable! so glad you're enjoying the weekend and christmastime fun!!
    ps-thanks for your sweet comments.
    the "mail hanger" was left when we moved in :)
    *score* lol
    i see them a lot at marshall's and home goods!!

    lots of love xoxo