Friday, April 13, 2012

Getting Organized - my medicine cabinet/linen closet

My medicine cabinet has been anything but organized. I recently gave it an overhaul but it was quite ridiculous how quickly it became chaotic again. So, I set out to fix that. I picked up some bins at the dollar store and Fred Meyer and divided things up into categories. After that it was just a matter of tossing things into the bins. I labeled each bin and the labels will do for now (I have atrocious hand writing) until I can find a cheap label maker.

Here is a lovely before shot

A closer view of my very messy shelf

This is the shelf I started to organize......


So much better!


This is what took most of the time...figuring what was going to go where.  I did end up "purging" a lot of things that I didn't need or use.

I love how clean this shelf looks!


  1. Looks really great, I'm about to tackle my laundry room this summer!!!

  2. Now come and do my cupboards!! Please :)

  3. Look at that!! Looks GREAT!!!!

  4. I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a blog award on my blog!

  5. awesome job, ashley!! sometimes it feels so good to organize. i get so excited once it's done and i feel like i can breathe more. i have been on a rampage tidying things up around the house and plan on continuing it in the coming weeks. it is kinda like therapy :)
    i hope that the weekend was good to you, brandon, jaxson and kendra!!
    happy monday <3

  6. isn't that a great feeling?! good for you!!!