Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Weekend

Well, we finally hit temps of over 65 this weekend! I know to some of you that is considered cold, but to us, it was bliss! The sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky! This weekend was filled with all of my favorite things; warm weather, time spent with family and friends, good food, smiles on my kids' faces, yard work, and a night out of drinks and dancing with the hubby and friends! Phew.... it was exhausting but wonderful.

Hubby surprised me with some tulips Thursday night!

Friday Brandon and I met up with a friend at our favorite local Thai restaurant and caught up over drinks and dinner. We then headed to a nearby town where a big group of friends, some of whom we hadn't seen for over 8 years, were all going to be together. The band that was playing was also another friend's of Brandon's too. I had a few drinks and we did some dancing. Something we rarely do, but it was so fun! I think we made it home around 1:00 (that is a pretty late night for us). My mom had the kids all night (thanks Mom and Eric!) so we were able to actually sleep in on Saturday.

The rest of our day was spent outside soaking in all the sun before it disappears again (which is supposed to be tomorrow). I took Jaxson to a local Easter egg hunt and wow! Were we ever overwhelmed. They had each age group sectioned off so the younger kids didn't get trampled by the older ones but still! I swear they gave the go and 30 seconds later all the eggs were gone! Jax didn't quite know what to make of it but he ended up with about 4 eggs and some candy. He was pretty pleased with that. :)

When we got home Brandon had set up Jaxson's firetruck sandbox. Jaxson's face instantly lit up and he spent the rest of the day in there.

Kendra was still napping and Jax desperately wanted her to wake up and play. He kept asking over and over if we could wake her. He even said that there were two seats and one was for her and that he would "drive" her around.

We had lots of company stop by on Saturday and by the time the kids came in for dinner they were covered head to toe in sand and dirt.

Sunday morning we woke bright and early to see what the Easter bunny had brought.

Between us and all the grandparents I think the kids had three egg hunts and four Easter baskets! A little much.

Kendra got the concept down pretty quickly

Jaxson even shared his eggs with sissy
After breakfast and an egg hunt at home we headed down to my aunt's house which is about 45 minutes away. We were hoping the kids would nap but they were too wired.

We spent the afternoon outside playing crouquet and chasing the kids. I just have to add that I beat Brandon at crouquet! ;)

I told Jaxson to smile... so he scowled instead!

It was such a wonderful weekend and just reaffirmed how blessed and full our life actually is!

How was your Easter??


  1. Look at those beautiful tulips!!!

    Glad it was such a good weekend my friend!!

  2. Cute!!!! Love the ideas on here :)

  3. I totally love that sandbox! I want one for my Jackson :)

  4. So glad you had a wonderful Easter weekend Ashley!! Lots of fun in the sun by the sounds of it :)

  5. what a happy post!! :) i'm so glad you had a long wonderful weekend full of all your faves!! the tulips are so pretty...what a sweet mr!
    i lol at the picture of jaxson at the end. even scowling, he's still so adorable. i loved the pics of the easter egg hunt!
    and am so happy you and brandon enjoyed an awesome night out with friends. i love dancing...we used to dance all the time, so when we get a chance too, i get so excited.
    happy you got a day of sleeping in and a weekend full of blessings <3
    have a relaxing night, ashley!!!

  6. Wow you had a busy Easter that's some serious egg hunting!

  7. Fun! I love tulips and I love Thai food :) Fun day!