Monday, April 2, 2012

Things Jaxson Says

Kids can be such a hilarious form of entertainment. I love Jaxson at this age because the things he says and does just crack me up! I know he is constantly watching everything we do and emulating our behavior (yikes!) . I still catch my self slipping up and saying things I shouldn't say. I am only human. :)

While we were at Sears a few weeks ago looking for a new refrigerator Jaxson saw a man and his young son standing by an entertainment system. Jaxson looks at me and says, " I think they need help...I need to go show them how to use that t.v." He then proceeds to go over to them and introduce himself and start telling them how to use it. He was basically just making stuff up. We all got a good laugh out of it.

The next evening we were in Home Depot ordering our new fridge and he decides to take it upon himself again to be a little salesman. He walked right over to a man and his teenage daughter (who were looking at fridges also) and proceeded to tell them all the details of the fridge. He said , " this is how it opens, the freezer is on the bottom and there are four shelves inside" . These were all the details from our new fridge. Obviously, he had been listening really well. He then proceeded to tell them that it cost $64.00, but that it was broken and they probably didn't want to buy it! 

A few nights ago Jaxson and I went with my parents to dinner and my step-dad was driving. Jaxson was quite the little backseat driver ( I know he gets this from me). Here are some of the things he said:

" Two hands papa. You always keep two hands on the wheel!"
"Stop! Stop! Stop! There are cars stopped!"
" You need lights's dark"
"Turn left, I said turn left"
" You are going to fast, slow down."

Pretty sure those are all things I have said to Brandon at one point and time.

Speaking of things kids say, Kendra has been talking up a storm in the last few weeks. Some of her new words are sunshine, makeup, kitty, okay, wake up (she bust in my room this morning and yelled it at me), stop, cart, Tangled, Diego, purse, boots, eat and yes. She knows her ABC now and can sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Old Mcdonald Had a Farm .

Covered in Grace


  1. Oh my goodness Jaxson! Lol.So helpful! And so cute! So funny the things they will say!(good to write/type it down like this!) It amazes me what Andrew picks up on that I tell Josh to do. He'll start telling him too. Do i really sound that bossy to Josh? Oops.

  2. Kids are little sponges. They take it all in. And never ever forget. Haha!

  3. Ashley that is hilarious the things Jaxon is saying!! Quite the salesman you have there too by the sounds of it :)
    So very cute and funny!!

  4. Awww that is so cute that he's Mr. Helpful in the store...I'm sure it is the cutest thing to watch!

  5. omygoodness, how stinkin' cute is jaxson, future refridgerator salesman...too sweet. i bet the people loved him. kids say the funniest things...they are always so honest. i find myself slipping up here and there with my friend's children...and they don't forget :)

    i hope that you are having a relaxing night <3

  6. simply adorable. :)

  7. So so cute!! I love it!! I love seeing what other kiddoes are saying, it's always so cute!!!