Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Five Wishes For 2013

The lovely Lesley (who happens to be one of the cutest pregnant women ever!) over at Everyday Moments tagged me to participate in sharing five of my wishes for the new year.

I can honestly say I have a lot of "goals" I wish to accomplish this year, but wishes.....that is a different story. Wishes are things I hold closest to my heart and even if I accomplish none of my goals I would be happy to have a few of my wishes come true this year. :)

Wish one:  I wish to be the mom to my children that they think I am. My kids adore me and love me and think I am the greatest momma. I feel so undeserving of that sometimes. I know I try hard and I am focusing on being more intentional, but I can do more and I should do more. They will only be this little for such a short time that I need to give them all they deserve. I wish to live up the standard they have set for me. I am so glad that they push me to a better version of myself every. single. day.

Wish two: Really learn to let go. I struggle with this one and if you have been around for awhile here then you would know this. I have gotten so much better at forgiving people, but there is a part of my heart that holds onto things that I know I shouldn't. I would feel so much better if I could just learn to let things go....more for myself, and not for those that have hurt me.

Wish three: This one is a biggie to me. I need to be more intentional in my marriage. It is easy, so easy, to get caught up in the day to day routine and to let each other slip away, especially with two young kids. Marriage is hard work on a good day, but throw in extra stresses (which, we have had our fair share of this year) and it can be next to impossible to find time. Sure....we make time for date night twice a month, but is that really enough? No. We need more quality time to get back to the basics of why we fell in love ten years ago. I struggle with feeling guilty that if I am being a good wife I am somehow being a bad mommy and vice versa. I need to learn they go hand in hand. I can not feel guilty for leaving my kids with a sitter so I can spend some time with my man. That is why (despite my nerves!) we are going away in two weeks for four days without the kids. Something we have never done.

Wish four: Be better at telling my loved ones how much they mean to me. I think I take the fact that my family will always be there for granted. They will not always be there. There has been a lot of loss in our families this year and a few loved ones aren't expected to make it much longer, either. I know that not one day on Earth is guaranteed and this year has been a shocking reminder of that. I want to be better at telling people everyday that I love them and appreciate them. I don't want words to go unsaid that should have been said. I want no regrets.

Wish five: I need to get healthy! I am not just talking about losing weight, which I need to. I am talking about putting more focus on better habits ; more sleep, more exercise, more outdoor activities, more cooking from scratch and being more conscious of the world around me. I have yo yo ed back and forth the last 7 or 8 years with my weight and I am over it. If I don't lose a single pound this year then fine. What I want to do is be more aware of how I am treating my body and more mindful of what I am putting into it.

What are some of your wishes for this year?


  1. Love this, Ashley!! I hope all of your wishes come true this year and always. You have such a big heart! Xoxox

  2. A lot of our wishes look the same for this year! I think it's something most moms struggle with, but for me, your list is SPOT ON for me this year. Love it

  3. Can I steal your list? : ) Because I think this is just the most beautiful new years wish list. Here's to a beautiful new year with your family!

  4. I'm with ya there on wishes 1 and 2 100%. I think I've got 4 & 5 pretty much covered, and I'm not marreid to 3 doesn't apply. But yes, every day I think about 1 & 2, and really try and improve in those areas. Sometimes I do good, and sometimes I don't. Life is a learning journey, good luck x

  5. These are some great wishes...and I think a great way to start out the year!