Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NYE, My 28th Birthday and Finding Balance...

Perception Is Everything

You know the old saying that time seems to fly by faster the older you get? It really seems to.

I don't know about you, but I feel like it was just 2012!

I always feel this sense of relief when I ring in the New Year and it truly is the beginning of a new year for me because it also happens to be my birthday. So, when you are all counting down to the New Year I am counting down to my birthday. :)

So, my 28th (yikes!) birthday has come and gone and this year truly was wonderful. I was surrounded by so many loved ones and got a little spoiled. :)

I think Jaxson was more excited than I was for my birthday. The first thing he said to me in the morning was, "Don't get up mom. You can sleep. Daddy and I are gonna get your birthday ready".

They made me quiche, hash browns, orange juice and had coffee waiting for me when I got up. Jaxson had picked out a new plant for me.

I made a quick trip to shop the Kohl's clearance with my mom. Of course, the only things I bought were clothes for the kids! Seriously though, shirts for $2.00, pants for $3.00. I couldn't pass it up.

Our next stop was Panera for lunch. You guys, I have never had Panera before! This one just opened a week ago and I can tell I am already going to be in trouble. ;)

I headed home for an afternoon celebration of chocolate cream pie, cherry cheesecake and gifts from my family. :)

After cake hubby and I headed to a nice restaurant and were lucky enough to make it right before six and were able to do the four course sunset dinner. Yum. I ate so much food yesterday it is ridiculous.

I was going to take a picture of my roasted pear martini but I drank it too fast. ;)

Unfortunately when we got home both kids were awake and super grumpy. What can you do? That is life with two kids. :)

Our New Year's Eve was low key, which it usually is. I don't like being out on the roads when I know there are lots of drunk drivers. Just not worth it to me. We had an early dinner at home, went out for frozen yogurt, tucked the kids in and stayed up to watch the Bourne Legacy. We toasted with a glass of champagne and made into bed by 12:30. Perfect, by my standards.

I am gonna switch gears here for a minute and talk about my word for the year. Everywhere I look (okay, just blogger and facebook) everyone seems to be choosing their word for the year. I have thought and thought about it and it's hard to choose just ONE word. There are lots of things I want to focus on and aspire to do this year. That's when it hit me. Balance! I need to find a good balance so I can fit in all those things. So, BALANCE is my word for the year. I think once I can get a better handle on balancing my roles as momma, friend, wife, organizer, self (that is a big one...finding some "me" time) and Christian then all the pieces will fall into place. I have struggled with going through periods of time where I do too little and then do too much and try to be supermom. I have found that days when I just step back a bit more and not get too caught up, then we all feel so much better.

So, what is your word(s) of the year?!


  1. Hello dear happy new year, i am a new your FOLLOWER!I love your blog.. Do you want to follow me ? I WAITING U IN MY BLOG KISSESSSS <3 <3

  2. Happy New Year to you, Brandon, Jaxson and Kendra! And Happy Birthday to you!! Your day sounds like it was the perfect balance of all things good. :) and the roasted pear martini sounds awesome!! Last year, one of my goals was to find more is definitely a challenge but so wonderful when it all comes together. I'm so glad you had a nice NYE. We stayed in's so relaxing and you're right - less to worry about! Wishing you an amazing year ahead!