Wednesday, January 9, 2013

That's What He/She Said

A child's honesty can be so refreshing, but it can also be hilarious and sometimes cringe worthy. I wish I would take the time to write things down more, because I would love to make some sort of quote/photo book for the kids to have when they are older.


Let me first preface this by saying I never know what is going to come out of this girl's mouth. She has taken to making up little lies already!

While talking with her auntie last night she leaned over and said really quietly. " I will be your best friend forever.....only if you let me wear your hat". She then reached over, smirked and took the hat off her head and proceeded to walk away. Oh boy!

She had a doctor's appointment yesterday and while he was attempting to get her to open her mouth she proceeded to rip off her socks and shoes and tell him that he can't look at her mouth, but he should probably check on her toes. Why? I have no idea. He obliged.

Whenever I ask for Kendra's help cleaning up or doing some sort of task she simply replies with " I am too busy, sorry." Excuse me, what? I asked her what she is so busy doing and she said, "playing. It's my job". Which, I guess, in a sense it is.

When we play restaurant she always ask me first if I want a double double iced coffee. She knows me all too well, already. No joke, these kids could put my order in at Starbucks for me. While I find this funny, I also find it a bit horrifying too. Resolution number one: cut down my coffee intake!

Kendra has also discovered she can roll her tongue. She shows everyone! I can't, however, do this. She seems to think if I just tired hard enough that I could. I assure you, I can't. She tried to tell me that when I get older and become a grown up like her, that I would be able to. Ha!


Last month when we took the kids to the Lights of Christmas ( an extremely extravagant light display complete with petting zoo, trains, pony rides and lots more) Kendra wanted to ride the ponies. Jaxson, of course, didn't. Him and I stayed to the side to watch Kendra and I kid you not, they put the littlest girl on the biggest horse they had. She loved it. She sat up there like a little pro and talked to the pony, pet the pony, all while waving. Jaxson, on the other hand, literally paced back and forth watching her like a hawk. When she got down he said, "Sissy, you can never ever do that again! I did not like you riding the biggest scared me!" . I laughed out loud but was overcome by his protectiveness and his worries for her. :)

When I tell him it's time to clean up or time to eat or basically just when I tell him it's time to do anything he doesn't want to do, he looks at the clock or book and says, " well, this says it's time to play or this says I need to watch this show now". Just this morning as I was grabbing a cutie (those little oranges) out of the box he says, "Mom, cuties are just for's says so on the box. I am sorry you can't have one.". Umm....not so fast buddy!

According to Jaxson he will be building a tree house in the backyard that is bigger than our house, has a t.v and refrigerator in each room, cages for zoo animals and a room just for flowers for me. I like the last bit.

When we were busy cleaning and organizing his room after Santa had made his visit and brought new toys, he turned to Brandon and said, "Daddy you have a lot of work to do tomorrow building me new shelves....I can let you have water when you are thirsty, but that's it, there is too much to do" No one had even mentioned shelves, but he had it stuck in his mind for some reason.

Well, I guess that is it for now. What are some funny things your kids have said lately?


  1. Omygosh, too cute! LOL! Kendra is so funny and smart!! I lol that she asked the dr to check her toes and knows you's like a double double coffee!
    :) That's too sweet that Jaxson was being such a protective big brother!! And the part where he would let Brandon have water. Thanks for sharing!
    Hope your new year is off to a great start! Xoxox

  2. Ohmygosh this is so sweet. I love writing down the things the kids say and looking back on it later. Love that Jaxson was being so sweet and protective :)