Thursday, January 31, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday- Seriously how did we get here so soon? Better yet, how is it February already?!

Dear Thursday night- I am so over you! Between the child who blew out her diaper while I was in the middle of making dinner and got it ALL over  and the dog who drug you know what in on himself after dinner..... I am glad you are done with!

Dear Cupcake Cabernet - Thank you for providing me with your deliciousness when I was through dealing with all the poo!

Dear Husband- I can not thank you enough for putting the kids to bed and staying up late when you had to be up really early the next morning all so I could go out with some friends. came home last night from working over 12 hours and told me to go to bed and get some rest since I had a headache. Love you!

Dear Sock Bun- I finally took the time to master you today and was quite pleased with the results! I forsee us having a long future together.

Dear Saturday- Can not believe Saturday commemorates 10 years of hubby and I being an item (married 5 1/2)! It seems so crazy to me that it has been that long. Our big ole plans consist of furniture shopping and then an early dinner, maybe a movie. I know, we are crazy, right?!

Dear Mom- Thanks for coming to my rescue (again) when I realized that I was all out of toilet paper. I didn't realize this until I was sitting on the toilet. Thank goodness for baby wipes. Oh, and did I mention I was at Costco earlier and totally spaced on getting toilet paper. Oops. That is what moms are for.

Dear Jaxson- I was so proud of you at preschool on Tuesday when you were VIP. I loved spending the day at school with you and observing you. I got to see you in your element when you forgot I was there. Although, I did catch some naughty behavior I was beyond proud when I overheard you telling your friends they were doing a good job and seeing how encouraging and uplifting you were. Heart Swell!

Dear Kendra- Man oh man! You are such a little spitfire. I don't quite know if this is good or bad, at times. Shy? No. Humble? No. A bit vain? Yes, but I love how self confident you are. I caught you saying to yourself, " I am smart, pretty and always beautiful." I hope you never forget this, ever.  Photobucket


  1. Sounds like you had quite the week...but so glad hubby helped out...and that's so funny Kendra was saying to herself :)

  2. happy ten years to you and brandon!! your night sounds like it will be wonderful and relaxing! LOL - i seem to always forget toilet paper too. i have asked friends to bring a roll so many times before we have company or parties bc i space out on buying tp. hahaha!
    i love the cupcake's been so long since i've had a glass...their pinot grigio is so good! congratulations to sweet jaxson on being vip!!
    have a wonderful weekend, ashley, and happy february! xoxox

  3. Coming from follow friend friday and wanted to say that I love the letter blog. Its a really great idea and probably a nice way to let steam off as well as saying thank you.
    Sasha from

  4. yeah for 10 years lady! congrats!

  5. Oh my gosh Ashley, you are doing something absolutely right by her if Kendra is saying things like that to herself!! Good for you, what a wonderful thing, you should be proud and I hope she never forgets that either!!
    Haha to the toilet paper, been there, done that lol
    And happy ten years you guys!!!! xoxo