Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Bucket List

While thinking of fun things to add to our Fall bucket list I realized that we never finished checking some things off of our Summer bucket list. This summer was a bit crazier than usual for . I am bummed we didn't get to them all, but there are a few things from our Summer list that can move onto our Fall list. :)

This is a great start to our list. I am planning on printing it out and putting it in a frame on our mantel.

Here is what else we would like to do:

Make Pumpkin Rice Krsipie Treats (again)
Use the apples we pick to make applesauce in the crockpot (love doing this!)
Get a family photo taken in the leaves
Take Jaxson to his first movie (this was from our summer list!)
Start on our homemade Christmas gifts before we run out of time. :)
Visit the local Harvest Fest and see the pumpkins being pitched!
Put the kids in our local kiddie parade for Halloween.
Host a scary movie/wine night for my friends


  1. I love this list.. those are my favorite things about fall!

  2. So many fun things! And that list is adorable...I want to frame it and hang it in my house!

  3. Love the list and the items you added! Pumpkin rice krispie treats - yum!!!
    And I love the idea of a wine/scary movie night with friends.
    Ahh, I love fall so so much!
    Hope the week has been good to you and your family, Ashley!

  4. Hi Ashley!! Ahhh this all sounds so lovely and like heaps of fun :) I wish Autumn was like that over here with all the pumpkins and decorating, it looks so cool! I will just have to live through all of you guys!!
    Happy Fall to you and your family, such a great 'to do' list, your kids will have so much fun doing these activites xo