Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Ten: Ten things I want to accomplish by 2013

I haven't linked up for Tuesday Ten in quite some time. I thought today's theme was fitting because the subject of time (or lack thereof) has been on my mind a lot, lately.

I feel as though time is just speeding up and I can't get a handle on things yet.  So, today's theme is ten things I would like to accomplish by the year's end.

1.) Get our nagging little debts paid off! We have a few credit cards with outstanding balances. Nothing too big but enough that it adds up and strains our budget some months. So, we have been slowly picking away at them and now that I am working we are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We should be within a few hundred dollars by the first of the year!!

2.) Finally start making time for exercise for myself. Even if it is just 20 minutes of resistance bands or a brisk walk. Every little bit makes a difference and it's time to start setting a better example.

3.) Check off the last few areas in my house I wanted to reorganize this year.  Still on my list; linen closet, basement storage, wrap/game cupboard and my craft armoire. Wish me luck!

4.) Take off for a weekend with my husband. I tell ya, we need this more than ever right now! With my schedule and his being pretty much opposite now, we seem to be strangers passing in the night! Okay, not quite so bad but we have had one day off in the last two months together. :( Definitely weird for us when we used to have four full days a week and two nights!

5.) Get crown molding put up in our living room. This is something I have wanted to do since we moved in, but other home improvement things have taken priority.

6.) Get back in touch with old friends and finally forgive some past hurts. Holding onto things just isn't healthy for anyone.

7.) See the last Twilight! haha.... this is kind of a given but I am really looking forward to it!

8.) Take Jaxson to his first movie at the theater. Maybe this seems silly to some but it is something I have been meaning to do and I think he is finally ready for it. :)

9.) Enroll Kendra in gymnastics! That girl is a tumbler and a bit of a daredevil. I think she would love it and now that Jaxson is in preschool I think she needs something that is just about her too.

10.) Give myself a break and not be so hard on myself. Now that I am working something has got to give and if that means not having a spotless house or only doing laundry twice a week, then so be it!



  1. Your list sounds great!! Twilight would be in mine too haha.. I bet Kendra would love gymnastics! I'm thinking about putting Lyla in dance again and adding gymnastics also.

  2. This is a great list girl. Y'all are awesome getting your debts paid off, that's great.

    I still haven't taken my (almost) 5 year old to his first movie. I really need to get on that

  3. Wow! You have lots to do in the next few months :) We have lived in our house for 3 years and I still have crown molding that I want to put in in the dining room! If you could spend a weekend with your hubby anywhere - where would you go?

  4. I love your list and how it covers so many areas in your life. I am sorry time has been less frequent with the Mr and I hope that you guys get a beautiful weekend getaway very soon!
    Kendra would make one adorable gymnast! :) and I'm sure Jaxon would love the movies! I want to organize so many spots in the house and have them done before the baby is here. I have only touched small drawers and downstairs so far. Haha!
    You've got your priorities straight, Ashley...I always see that. You put what matter first and that's something to be proud of.
    I say you treat yourself to a pedicure and bubble bath and that getawat - you so deserve it!
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. nothing better then writing your goals down :) love this! GOOD LUCK!