Monday, November 28, 2011

Festival of Trees

One of our family traditions is to head over to the Festival of Trees the weekend after Thanksgiving. The trees are very extravagant and so much fun to look at. All the trees have been purchased at an auction the evening before and benefit our local hospital. The trees can go for anywhere between $2,000 and as high as $10,000.00! I have never been to the auction but love to see the trees when they are on display. :)

Getting his face painted

icing a cookie, only to have it devoured afterwards!
This year they had lots of fun children's activities and Jaxson was able to participate. I have tried before to have him get his face painted but he was scared. This time, however, we had them start with a candycane on his hand. He loved it! When the girl was finished he just stood there and looked at her. He then asked if he could have more. So, he had a snowman on his face. I was impressed at his ability to stand perfectly still. He was so proud of it!

One of our favorite trees!
Seahawks tree! This was Jaxson's favorite!
I like the mirror at the top of the tree! Such a fun idea.

 After leaving here we were in such a festive mood that we decided to put up our tree. We only put the ornaments part way up to hopefully prevent Kendra from reaching up and grabbing them but we underestimated her determinedness (so that isn't a word apparently)  and height!!

Not quite as extravagant but I love it!

All that is missing is our stockings! I need to find some fun stocking holders.

There you have it. Part one of our decorating is complete. Hopefully we will get to the outside this week!


  1. $10,000 for a tree?!!! Wow!! Yours look absolutely beautiful!

  2. Your tree and mantel look gorgeous! You're a good decorator! :)
    Oh and I'd be terrified to put a mirror on top of a Christmas tree! Seriously! Especially because I live in California Earthquake-ville!

  3. way to go jaxson! my daughter does well when someone else paints her face too. when i do it, she wiggles and wiggles! lol. love your decorations!!!!


  4. ashley, your tree and fireplace look AMAZING!!!!
    i love them!! *and i see our same metal hanging now too :)
    ahhh, it totally gets me even more excited to decorate and find our tree!
    such a fun festival. jaxson is adorable!! and the trees are fantastic. i LOVE the mirror idea too! looks so unique and bright!!
    thanks for sharing.
    maria <3

  5. I LOVE Christmas and I LOVE your tree! Everything is just so magical this time of year :)