Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ten things off of my bucket list

I have quite a few things I hope to accomplish in this life and lots of fun, exciting things I want to do along the way and places I would love to see.  Here are just ten of those things. :)

  1. Travel all across Europe
  2. Participate in a shark feeding
  3. Run a half marathon ( I am nowhere near that but would love to be)
  4. Write a novel
  5. Renew my wedding vows on the beach in Cancun (where we had our honeymoon)
  6. Cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner and host it at our house (sounds simple, but would mean a lot to me)
  7. Go white water rafting
  8. Learn how to sew! ( I am working on this right now)
  9. Go on an African safari
  10. Learn to play an instrument

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    1. These are great!
      I've been white water rafting... very cool!

    2. My brother is trying to talk me into running the Vegas Ragnar with them next year, so I guess "running a race" is now on my bucket list too :)

      Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I watch DWTS with my kids too! They love it and I love it because they dance along. So funny.

    3. Wow you sound very adventurous!! Good luck with your list :)

    4. Some of those same things are on my bucket list. =) Thanks for stopping by my blog for coffee and leaving a sweet comment. Now I'm thinking I need to actually create a list and record it somewhere....I have it all mentally stored up. ;o)

    5. this is a fantastic list, ashley!!
      i would love how to sew too. i am not too swift at it, that's for sure. my husband needed a button sewed on his shirt the other day and i thought of bringing over my Mom's for help. i'm THAT bad lol
      i hope your are blessed with all your wishes <3

    6. sorry i left you a totally grammatically incorrect comment. i type too fast ;)

    7. Interesting list Ashley! I, myself have been wanting to learn to sew and go on an African safari!!! I certainly hope we can both knock those off our lists at some point in time! I passed a blog award to you on my blog!