Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ten characters I would want to play

So, if you are like me at all you sometimes get WAY too caught up in books or movies and catch yourself wondering What If? What if I were her/him? Okay.... maybe I am the only one. ;)

So, here they are; my top ten characters I would love to play:

  1. The character of Emma played by Gwyneth Paltrow in "Emma". So many reasons I would choose this one. I love Gwyneth, love the movie, love the leading men  and dressing up in the period clothing and having a fake accent would be fun too!
  2. Erin Brokavich played by Julia Roberts. I think the story was amazing and to portray a strong women would be really cool.
  3. I am gonna say it...... but I would want to play Bella Swan in Twilight strictly for the purpose of getting to steal some kisses with "Edward". :)
  4. Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween. I know you are starting to wonder about my sanity. I don't actually mean being the character but more like getting to experience what goes into making a scary movie. I love scary movies, especially older ones and I think being in one and seeing the process of how they are made would make them a lot less scary.
  5. Maria, from "The Sound of Music". I love this movie and how fun would it be to sing your heart out and actually be GOOD at it?!
  6. Gabrielle Anwar's character in "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken". I think it is amazing how she triumphed over tragedy and continued to do what she loved most. I wish I had half her passion for something. Plus, I have always been a bit afraid of horses so it would be neat to feel at ease with them.
  7. Betty,played by Rosemary Clooney in "White Christmas". Once again, I could sing my heart out and be good and she got to dance, a lot! Also, just being on set of a classic movie and mingling with such stars....
  8. Mia, in "Princess Diaries", because who doesn't want to find out she is secretly a princess?
  9. Bridget in "Bridget Jones' Diary". Maybe she doesn't have it all together, but who does? She has great friends and has her pick between two good looking guys. I am partial to Colin Firth, by the way!
  10. So, I wasn't a fan of the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic" but I loved the books. I wouldn't mind having the wardrobe of Rebecca Bloomwood!


    1. Haha I would love to be Bella and have him tell all those wonderful things :) *swoon* Hes perfect. Great post and great idea!

    2. Great list!! Yes to playing Bella and Bridget :)
      Who wouldn't want to steal a kiss from Edward!!? Or Colin Firth for that matter :)
      I love the movies!!

    3. Awesome list! I would totally love to play Bella if it meant stealing some kisses from Edward! And Rebecca Bloomwood's closet... omg, I want it!

    4. Ooooo this is awesome!. Great Tuesday Ten idea :)

    5. This is a fun list. You are really good at names.. I always say, "you know that one movie, with that one girl?"

    6. I love White Christmas, and watch it like 10 times a year. :-) I think that time period would be an awesome time to be in the movies, true classics.

    7. I love your blog! I hope you don't mind that I became a follower! :) Erin

    8. So cute! I love that you would play Bella. Did you see the latest movie? I saw it on Friday :)

    9. haha! love this list! :) I'd love to play emma, bella, and mia :) I'm partial to Colin Firth, too ;)

    10. great list!! i think being maria would be awesome :)

      happy thanksgiving!

    11. This is such a neat list, Ashley!! I think Erin B. would be my first choice! Love this idea!
      I love your new blog header and background! The photo is so beautiful and goes great with the design!!