Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our Weekend

I feel like I was a bit of a crazy women this weekend. I had a lot going on but it was all so much fun. I attended a fundraising event for my MOPS group that ran Friday evening through Saturday evening.  I was able to spend some time with some amazing women and get alot of crafting done too. I feel like I created quite a few Christmas presents. Pics to come soon. :)

This morning, my mom took the hubby and I to the Seahawks game and we had a blast! The weather cooperated, the rain held off and we even had a win! One of the most amazing things of the day was when we participated in a "card stunt". It is where different sections of the stadium hold up colored cards to form letters or pictures. We did a salute to the veterans. I wish I had a picture because it was breathtaking. The national anthem was playing, the flag was flying and the stadium was color coordinated to form a flag, stars and a message to the veterans. All the while, jets were flying overhead and fireworks were going off. It gave us chills.

Kinda loving this pic right now!

I even got to pet the Seahawk
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. sounds like the perfect weekend! girl time and time with the hubby is a great mix!
    i love the photo of the two of you! it's a framer! :)
    hope you're having a happy monday!

  2. glad you had a great weekend!
    i think we can all be crazy women sometimes ;) -- but love that you got girl time & hubby time!

    happy monday.
    xoxo. ashlyn

  3. Hi! Thanks for the follow from MBC! So cool you're a Seahawk fan, my husband is from Seattle! Your blog is great, I especially love the Thankful Thursday post :)