Monday, January 9, 2012

A Peek into our House

Some of my favorite blog posts are those that include pictures of people's houses. I drool over the interiors and love to see people's design style. So, it comes as no surprise that I love HGTV!  I thought that I would give you a little glimpse into some of the rooms of our home (the one's that had just been cleaned!) I love decorating and especially doing it on a budget; it is one of my most favorite things to do.

Here is our living room. I absolutely love this couch....but so does the dog! I have to fight him for space! The blinds are actually bamboo blinds... they were a little spendy but so worth it. I love the look of them.

Here is our mantel. Notice the baby gate...there is exposed brick around it. On our list of things to do someday is to remove the woodstove and put in a gas fireplace. I love wood stoves but this particular one wasn't maintained by the previous owners.

Here is another view of the mantel.... you can actually see the ladder bookshelf in this one. I seem to have lots of empty shelves so certain little hands don't pull all my things down. :)

Here is our kitchen. Let me tell you that this was almost a deal breaker for me when we were looking at this house. We already knew that we had to paint the entire interior, exterior, change out light fixtures, replace the furnace, replace the roof, and lay down new carpet. Phew.... I wanted a kitchen that I loved! Now, I have learned to live with the cupboards (they just aren't my style), but the counter is horrible! It is white and so incredibly porous. The minute you drop something on it you better be prepared to scrub it. I don't know how many stains we have all over the counters. They always look dirty and no matter how much I scrub them, they never come off! So, hopefully this spring we will get new counters. Cupboards might have to wait until next year.

This was one of the reasons we got the house; the backyard. It is quite large for being in town ( the lot is on a third of an acre.). It is fully fenced and had a fire pit (which we have used once).
I just love looking out the window and seeing the family of squirrels that live in the trees.

The dining room... pretty self explanatory. Also, doubles as my office/crafting area.

Here is our photo wall in the hallway. I like the black frames but I also want to incorporate some canvas into it as well. The family decal I picked up at Dollar Tree!

That is all the pictures I have for now. I don't want to show you the kids' rooms as they are now... what a disaster!


  1. Such a beautiful place. Congrats! I'm sure you'll make it even better.

  2. Hi Ashley, I'm a new mommy and new follower of your blog. I love new bloggy/mommy friends. Found you from Mommy Blogger Club. :)

  3. I kitchen window and view of your backyard! We live in a townhouse, so we don't a have a yard, but I dream of the day when we will have a yard. My kids do too. They want more space to play. Cute house :)

  4. Hey Ashley! I love tours like this, I actually have a post like this one to do,
    (just need to tidy up some more!) Love your cute fluffy dog!! Did you tell him to get off the couch for the picture? Lol
    I have the exact same mum holding baby wooden ornament too :)
    Oh and how awesome that you have squirrels in your yard!!!
    Nice home :)

  5. ashley, what a great idea to give a tour!! i hope to do one of these posts one day. i'm with kerry, i need to clean up a bit (or a lot) before i do :)
    i love your style!! the shelves look great and i love the way your fireplace is decorated!!
    the bar in your kitchen and dining room looks great. love the chairs!!
    i wish someone would hand me and envelope full of money and say i had to spend it at home goods. i'd be there in a heartbeat :)
    lots of love! i hope you're doing well
    thank you so much for you kind comment and thoughts. it means a lot to me <3

  6. I love big backyards too! Thanks for linking up.

  7. Very pretty :-) I like your photo montages. I have family pictures ALL over my house lol

  8. Love the help wanted sign in the kitchen!!

  9. You have such a cute home! Thanks for linking up!