Friday, January 6, 2012

Trying to Find a Happy Medium

Naps have long been a nice little "break" in the middle of my day.  By break, I mean cleaning up all the toys, emptying and loading the dishwasher, switching the loads of laundry, folding the laundry and maybe if I am lucky sitting on the couch having a snack and watching some of my recorded shows! 

Lately, Jaxson has been putting up a fight. He is getting to the age where he is starting to phase out of napping and I am not sure who is fighting it more; me or him! In all honestly, yes I love having a break where both the kids are down and napping... a little bit of me time goes a LONG way in recharging my batteries. However, I realize it may be time and so I have been trying to keep him up in hopes of him going to bed at a decent time. He doesn't seem to require near as much sleep as other children his age.

Up until the last few months even when taking his nap he would go down between 9 and 9:30.... I know it's a little bit late but for us it just worked. However, most recently when he takes a nap he will fight going to bed until after 11 sometimes! For awhile I thought it was just a phase but because it was becoming too regular I tried to limit his nap time. I would put him down but wake him up after an hour. This just always backfired on me. He either wouldn't get up at all or would be a zombie for a few hours then get his second wind and want to stay up even later. So, I tried to cut out naps all together. That works till about 6:00 pm when he is falling asleep at the dinner table. It is a struggle to keep him up! So, I tried just putting him down a little before seven thinking he would sleep all night.... boy was I wrong! He got up between 3 and 4 am everytime! He just doesn't sleep!

So, I either fight him to go down for a nap and he stays up till 11 pm or I make him skip nap and he gets up at 4 am! What is the lesser of two evils, here? I am trying to find a happy medium and I am really struggling here. This momma needs some sleep!


  1. Oh my. Sounds fun. I hope you get find a solution soon.

  2. Oh how I miss naps! My daughter will nap once every 3 days if I lucky.

  3. Oh my! I wish I had some good or useful advice! My two year old still naps but there is a certain time that I must get her down everyday or else nighttime is a nightmare. I will be sad when she gives them up!

  4. oh ashley, i'm so sorry to read that it's been so tough getting some sleep. i can see you're point with the 11pm and 4am. i really hope things adjust for you and jaxson. <3
    wishing you luck and lots and lots of sleep :)
    maria <3