Saturday, March 3, 2012

Currently Counting Down To
A slumber party with my friends tonight!  Going to rent scary movies, get a pizza , have some wine and hang out.
Currently Super Proud
Of my kids and how many new things they are learning every day!
Currently Broadening
My cooking skills. I get stuck in a rut and cook the same 5 or 6 things over and over again.
Currently Concluding
That it isn't worth it to save the $30.00 dollars a month in gym fees. My butt is the sacrifice.  Not a fair trade off. :)
Currently Reading
An Eve Duncan novel by Iris Johansen. It is a series but I can't think of the name at the minute.
Currently Thinking
That I need to take a shower but I am too lazy this morning.
Currently My Favorite Thing
My espresso machine.
Currently My Second Favorite Thing:
  Our new bed and pillows. We were sleeping on a hand me down that was probably over 30 years old!
Currently Saving All My Pennies For:
A trip to Vegas for my friend's bachelorette party!
Currently Wanting To Travel To
Anywhere warm and tropical. Get me away from this rain and snow!
Currently Wanting In My Cupboard
Oddly enough, nothing sounds really good right now.
Currently Wanting To Learn
How to knit!
Currently Drooling Over
Kitchen remodels. I want new counters and cupboards so badly!
Currently Confessing
That I have gained 15 pounds in the last year. Yikes!
Currently Listening To:
Blake Shelton (my boyfriend).
Currently Obsessed With

Currently 1st Place Comedic Genius:
  hmm.... Maybe not one in particular but I love the cast of Parks and Recreation
Currently Addicted To:
  Iced peppermint mochas

Currently Fantasizing About
Taking a trip with my hubby and relaxing on some beach. 
Currently Sad Because:
 It is raining, once again!
Currently My Motto:
Stop saying and start doing!
Currently Dreaming Of
A day where I can sleep in .
Currently Needing To Update
My closet. All I see is black, brown and gray.
Currently Want To See In My Closet
Bright colors and fun flirty dresses and skirts.
Currently Enjoying:
New found friendships.
Currently Have A Girl Crush On:
  Kate Beckinsale
Currently Shopping:
  A replacement piece for my espresso machine. :(
Currently Discovered
That my husband is somewhat of a hoarder. Okay, maybe more of a pack rat.
Currently Redecorating:
My walls in the hallway.



  1. I love your answers Ashley!! You and I have alot in common :)
    Enjoy your girls night, that sounds perfect!! xo

  2. Oh man. An iced peppermint mocha sounds amazing right now. I just might have to go make one...! Just got some wall art from Target. My walls really needed it!!! They are much happier now! What fun to read your answers :)

  3. Such a cute idea!! Love your blog. Your family is gorgeous! Newest reader :)

  4. I enjoyed reading this. It was a great blog post of currents.

  5. Night with the girls sounds like fun! And I can totally relate about the kitchen re-model... thanks to pinterest, I have my future kitchen comepltely picked out lol

  6. I hope you had fun with your girlfriends...that sounds like so much fun!! I love scary movies...steve can be such a girl with them! Lol
    A Vegas bachelorette party sounds awesome!
    I'm ready to do some spring/summer shopping! I love summer dresses. They are so easy and cute!
    This was such a feel good happy post I loved it!