Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A peek in my purse

Today I am linking up with Salena and Lena for this week's addition of Tuesday Ten. This weeks topic is ten things that you would most likely find in my purse.

A little backstory on me. I have a slight obsession with purses. I won't even tell you how many I own. I will say that it started at a very young age. I remember being in the second grade and insisting to the school photographer that yes, my parents said it was okay to have my purse in the picture! Really? Of course, they hadn't exactly said no... but they didn't say yes, either. Needless to say, when school pictures came out and I had a patent pink purse strap slung across my shoulder they were a bit  surprised. It is still my favorite school photo to this day. :)

Back to now.... and some of you may that I am also a bit nosy too. I love to see how other people decorate and the things they keep in their purses. If you are anything like me you have an aresenal of things in there. The bigger my purse is, the more I stash inside. So, it should come as no surprise that it is not very clean or organized. It does double as a diaper bag for quick trips, though.

Okay, on to ten things that you will most likely always find in my purse.

1.) Sunglasses. I have very sensitive eyes and you can pretty much always find me wearing my glasses...even when it's overcast or snowing.

2.) My wallet.... kind of goes without saying. :)

3.) An assortment of lip glosses and chapsticks

4.) My keys with about a million different customer loyalty cards.

5.) Coupons I plan on using that week

6.) My planner

7.) Hair clips for my little one... she has some crazy hair going on right now and it needs a good taming every once in awhile.

8.) Band aids and wet wipes. I have kids.....self explanatory.

9.) Headband for unexpected crazy hair day(by the way that cute one is from The Posh Daisy!)

10.) Envelopes..... we are doing a cash envelope system with our new budget. That one is empty. :(

So, what am I most likely to find in your purse??



  1. Thanks for linking up!
    I use to have a thing for purses too... I've kinda slowed down! ;)

  2. I love this!

    And oh my word that school picture story is awesome. I LOVE IT!!!

    For me, diapers are a regular thing, sippy cups, and the occasional toy snake. Yeah, can't tell I have kids at all huh? Haha

  3. I totally understand! I used to buy bags every week until I got my first LV. I finally convinced my hubby that it is cheaper to buy one LV (or a few) than 14 million cheap bags. It worked, LOL.

  4. I love your bag!!!! Cute notebook and I love that headband! Thanks for linking up!

  5. We have the exact same day planner! I'm way too excited about that, but it's such a cute planner!

  6. I have the wipes and band-aids too. It was hard to pick just ten things. Moms have to carry a lot of stuff!

  7. i need a new purse! have my eye on one, just waiting for it to go on sale...

  8. Very cool! I did a post called "what's in my mommy bag?" a while back, too.

  9. this was so much fun!!
    i loved your story about your photo and pink purse...how stinkin' cute! i love it :)
    and that headband from the posh daisy is so pretty...i am pretty much obsessed with all hair things.
    my purse is atrocious...the things you will find in there are crazy...one time, i found an old french fry! lol