Thursday, March 15, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Weather,
Seriously? Can you just make up your mind? I would prefer sunshine and temps over 40 degrees, but this 40 mph wind, hail, rain, snow and sun (all within the last two days!) is getting old!

Dear delicious skinny pumpkin pie dip, 
Wow. I may have found a new addiction in you. Thank you for being tasty and low in calories and fat!

Dear birds in the tree outside my window,
Yes, your singing is beautiful and brings a smile to my face...just not at 5:30 in the morning. I could use all the sleep I can get right now.

Dear Jaxson,
I am not sure where you heard the word probably used so excessively, but it seems to be your new favorite word and you insert it into about every sentence you can. I generally think it is pretty darn cute except when I tell you to do something and you say; " I probably don't need to clean up  my room because you will probably do it for me"  Or "Probably Kona (our dog) wants some of your apples" as he steals them from my plate and throws them to the dog.

Dear Kendra,
You are cracking me up every chance you get! Tonight at dinner you climbed into my lap pretending to want a hug and then you ate my salad instead (your only 1 1/2 and love salads). I love how you make a really loud fake chewing noise when you take bites, and then you giggle. Tonight, however, you decided to do that while simultaneously putting your face in my cottage cheese. Thanks. :)

Dear Walking Dead,
I am angry with you because there is only 1 new episode left this season! I am not a fan of these short split up seasons. I am, however, pleased with one of the characters you decided to kill off.  Thanks!



  1. ew that stinks that you have such bad weather! that must be tough with little ones too who hate being cooped up in the house!

    also, you are like the millionth walking dead fan and I haven't seen the show, I think I need to watch it!


  2. Cute cute post Ashley!! So funny about 'probably' being your son's new fave word hahaha how cute, I love what he said about his room!
    These posts are great, maybe I should 'probably' start doing them :)

  3. OMG I LOVE the Walking Dead!!! The last couple of episodes have been so crazy! I can't wait for the final on Sunday, but I'm also so sad because now I won't have anything to look forward to on Sunday nights. haha! So glad to have found another Walking Dead fan!! :)

  4. Cute post! I've never heard of pumpkin pie die before... I may have to try it!

  5. Hello! I am visiting from Fridays Letters. Sounds like meals at your house are "probably" very entertaining (; and we have been slacking off on Walking Dead, didn't realize it was almost over...oops going to have to have a marathon. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Skinny pumpkin pie dip?! That sounds amazing!!

  7. so sweet that jaxson loves the world probably. i love what children pick up from hearing others talk. it is so sweet!
    omygoodness, where did you find this amazing thing called skinny pumpkin pie dip, if you don't mind me asking?
    it sounds like something i could eat every single day!! :)

    i hope the weather brightens up for you and that you and your loves have a wonderful weekend <3

    thank you for all the kindness and friendship, ashley!!!

  8. "probably"...I love it. I can just hear a sweet little voice saying that. I LOVE IT!! How cute!!!!

    Good for your daughter loving salads! I'm jealous, my sweet baby doll won't even think of eating them!