Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Recap

As usual, I somehow managed to not get too many photos from our weekend. Oh, well, that just means I was too busy enjoying it. :)

Saturday I was able to spend an afternoon catching up with my friend from grade school. It is amazing how much we have changed and yet so little all at the same time.

That night Brandon and I went to a local brewery and enjoyed a kid free dinner (thanks Mom!) and then met up with some of his friends for a few drinks. We were home by 9:30, but up till after midnight because Jaxson would not go to sleep!

Sunday morning we were up bright and early and did a little grocery shopping. We spent most of the rest of our day outside. For us it warm; 60 degrees!  The kids swung on their swings, dug in the dirt and chased the dog. It felt so good to finally be outside and not feel like I was freezing!

Kendra driving Jaxson around the yard. Her little foot just barely reaches the peddle now. 

Playing with their "ocean in a box".
Sunday evening we headed to Brandon's parent's home for a family dinner. They had been gone the past week in Hawaii and were anxious to see the kids.

All in all, it was a very relaxing weekend spent with all the people we love.

What did you do?


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend and a dinner out without kids sounds just as nice :)
    Glad to hear it is warming up for you so you guys can get out and play!! I did craft and gardening this past weekend :)

  2. omygoodness, their truck is so is the photo! i love that kendra is driving and pulling jaxson along...i've never seen one of those before...adorable!!
    i'm so happy you and brandon had a nice date night and got to relax with friends!! sounds like fun!
    the weekend went by fast but it was a good one. we went out with friends, steve's company had a 25th anniversary celebration and i hung out with my friend all day yesterday.
    i'm ready for another wkend already ;)

    hope you have a happy monday, pretty lady!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! Glad you got some time to eat out without the kids! My weekend was pretty busy, but quite relaxing :)

    Happy Monday!

  4. Sounds like the perfect relaxing and fun weekend :)

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! I love weekends even more now that I have a family because of the memories we make during them and I bet you feel the same way!

  6. Sounds like a perfect weekend!

  7. What a great weekend!! Love the picture of both of them in the tractor! Super cute!