Sunday, March 18, 2012

Junk Drawer Before and After

I finally got around to tackling another "to-do" on my re organization list. This one didn't take much time but I had been dreading doing it. It is amazing how much stuff you can cram into two little drawers. We were quite literally to the point of not being able to open the drawers anymore.

As you can see I have TWO junk drawers and that isn't even enough to contain all the "crap" .
First thing I did was organize all the photos and file them in a photo box I picked up at Michael's for $1.66. After that I just started sorting into three categories; toss, take to the garage and keep. It went fairly fast after that and I even found some things I didn't realize I had. Oops!

Much better! I picked up a three pack of bins at Dollar Tree.

Even though I had been dreading doing this it feels so good to have it done!

I showed you how I re organized my recipe binder here. I showed you how horribly messy my closet was here. I have yet to show you the after photos of that project because it is still ongoing.

I think my next project will be my craft are. It is in desperate need of a makeover!



  1. aahhh, doesn't that feel so good? I feel better looking at yours and then I turned around and looked at mine... can you come do mine now?

  2. Thanks for sharing Ashley!! I think you did a great job, and we all have those junk drawers so you're not alone there, except yours is tidy now!!

  3. Looking good!!! I really need to do mine, want to help? :)

  4. I really need to organize our drawers! It's just so daunting..

  5. love organizing! Always such a good feeling :)

  6. great job, ashley!! i can't tell you how many drawers we have in the house that are so cluttered and full of crazy stuff!! you've inspired me!
    i hope you have a wonderful tuesday <3

  7. Looks much better!!! Isn't it funny how those little things seem to get put off but we feel so much better when we get them done! :)

  8. Ugh, I have so much spring cleaning to do. Gosh I'm lazy though. Drawer looks much better! Go you!

  9. I LOVE organizing junk drawers! I always feel so awesome after, LOL!