Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Day in The Life...

I have seen some posts floating around blog land and because I am so nosy, I love to see what everyone's days are like and how they spend their time! I have been meaning to do a post about what our days are usually like, for some time. I want to be able to look back at this, years down the road when I know I am going to be pulled in about a million different directions. I secretly can't wait for that, though. I look forward to soccer games, t-ball practice, dance and whatever else my kids are interested in.  But, for now we are just soaking up all this time at home together!

Okay, so we don't necessarily have a "typical" day around here. Depending on what we have going on outside the home kind of dictates how our day is spent. Lately, however, I have been trying to limit our trips to town to one or two days a week. Most of the stores I frequent or activities we do are two towns away... which means my gas guzzler has a distance to go. Let's face it.... gas is not cheap and right now we need all the money we can get. :)

My hubby works three days a week for a total of 48 hours. When he is home he generally gets up with the kiddos and lets me sleep! Love that guy!  But, all the other days... I do it. :)

7- 7:30 - Jaxson wakes up and rolls over and basically yanks up my eyelids! Yes, he still climbs into our bed EVERY single night! Ugh!! Then, because Kendra can hear us talking she starts banging her feet against the wall while she is singing in her crib! I love waking up to this sound every morning!

7:45- I get diapers changed and let the dog out. I let the kids have a little time to just wake up and play with their toys. I start getting breakfast ready for them.

8:15 ish - Breakfast time!!

8:40- get the kids and dishes picked up and let them play some more. This is when I usually empty the dishwasher and do a quick scrub of the counters and sweep the floor. If we are heading out for errands or playgroup I usually skip the sweeping and mopping. :)

9:00- Around this time I try to do a post and get caught up on reading all of your posts! If I don't catch myself I can end up spending way too much time doing this!

9:30- Take a quick shower with the door open so the kids can come in and out. I try to keep it really quick or the smoke alarm goes off! Great!

9:35- Seriously... I am that quick! I let my hair dry a bit while making an espresso. I sit in the living room (where I can supervise the kids) and dry my hair. Then I have to straighten it and do my makeup. The kids love watching me do this. Jaxson has my makeup routine down and hands me my products!

10:00 ish- I get the kids changed and ready for the day. If we are going into town this is when we would leave. If we are staying home this is when I get a load of laundry going and we do some sort of art project. Today we did some painting and coloring. :)

This post is getting a bit lengthy so I will continue it tomorrow!


  1. I can't wait to see the rest of your day, I agree, I love reading what other people do during the days! :)

  2. I can't wait to see the rest of your schedule either. I love seeing how moms spend time with the kiddos!

  3. wow, ashley! i'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of your day entails. you're so productive...only ten o'clock and you've accomplished so much already! :)

    that's so sweet the mr lets you sleep in!! what a sweet<3!
    i hope you had fun painting today. it's so friend's children love to watch me do my makeup too!
    and i'm with ya on the gas...they say it could be up to 5 bucks a gallon this summer! eeks!
    have a sweet day!!

  4. I am the same way - I love to know how other moms structure their days! You are definitely more productive in the mornings than I am! We are slow and never get out of the house before 11am!

  5. I am nosey too lol so this post is right up my alley!! We could so be 'real' life friends :)